Sunday 30 October 2016

Zomtober Week 5 Studio Miniatures Survivors and Zombie

Making up for last weeks fail I have made a bigger effort this week and managed to get 3 figures finished.

First up is a duo both a Survivor and Zombie version of the same character. These were from the kickstarter I backed last year. Chandler or 'Not Carl' and his zombie version are available now but in different packs. The Zombie Carl is now in Zombies Character III and Chandler is now with Andy 'Not Rick'. I really like the idea of  having characters and there zombie versions. The only mildly annoying thing is they are sculpted by different sculptors and are slightly different sizes.

The third character is one of my favourites from the Walking Dead and like most of the originals ......dead. LOL Well here is a very alive version of 'Scott ' or Hershel as he is better known as. What I like about this miniature is you can him with and without his leg!

This Zomtober despite me missing a week has been quite productive. 7 Figures in total. 4 of which have lurked on the painting table for a very long time!

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Sunday 23 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 Week 4.......Fail....Ninja'd!

Zomtober Week 4.........Ninja'd quite literally!

Week 4 is a fail for me. Haven't had the mojo todo anything for it. Played in the Batman tournament last weekend had me all enthused for painting BMG and ended painting a loads of Batman stuff instead.........

Nevermind we will see if the itch is scratched and I can get back on track for week 5!

Anyway Ra's Al Ghul (Neeson Version) I finiished ages ago as I just really liked the model. However the ninja's put me off as I don't like painting black. So decided to tackle my phobia and force myself to have a crack. These were all primed black so didn't need a lot really just touch ups to the primer and the eye slits, weapons painted appropriate colours.

Most the ninja's share very similar stats just the odd trait here and there changes there use.

 This is the contents of the League of Shadows Starter. 
The Starter plus the additional ninja blister.

 Ying is one of the Standard Ninja's his attribute is climbing claws and carries the katana a nice double blood weapon that has rerolls to hit and to wound!

 Yang again has the same stats as Yang however his defining attribute is Combo with Katana increasing his attacks as spending 2 counters gives him 3 attacks. Netting him 4 double blood attacks with rerolls. What makes him more deadly is if he can be 'Inspired' or 'Kill them!' by a leader or a side kick potnentially pusing his attacks to 4 which when combo is applied gives him 6 attacks!

 Lotus is a bit more special he costs nearly 17 rep more than either Ying/Yang but carries Shuriken and has the rapid fire trait allowing him to increase his Rate of fire from 2 to 3 allowing a barrage of shots against a target. Lotus also comes with Dodge allowing him to try and avoid missile attacks and reflexes allowing him rerolls for it. Lotus also carries a katana so is not shabby in combat either he has 1 more will power allowing him to move that little bit further or that extra attack after a run.

 Seeker is one of a pair that come in the Ninja booster and armed with a bow. Seeker has no combat weapons as such but carry a bow with standard arrows and poison arrows that cause paralysis. Seeker usually ends up with nightvision goggles, extra ammo (poison arrow) and either hidden deployment or climbing claws if the funding allows.

 Shadow is more of a trickster type ninja. Shadow has undercover giving him a bonus move allowing him to move further forward. Shadows main obvious difference is he carries a Bo staff which only causes single stun damage however it has reach so he can attack without being in base to base and is handy so has rerolls to hit. Shadow's really purpose is block los of the enemy with his smoke bomb. Again usually he gets extra ammo for a second bomb. Blocking shooters for a couple of turns to get the combat ninja's closer to the enemy. 

 My entire League of Shadows collection so far. Interestingly DKR Bane and his mercs can be use in this crew giving a lot of choice and combos.
Also this week I finished off my official Knight models objectives, Ammo, Loot and Titan. I now have two sets (including my scratch built ones) so I can now run dem games with people down at the club.

Sunday 16 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 Week 3 Deadlands Templar

Busy week at work this and did most the paintwork on this one last week. Went to a Batman Tournament yesterday which was awesome but I'll do a separate post about that in the week.

This is a bit of an odd model, only really in the sense that it was tricky to get hold of. I randomly found her searching for Post Apocalypse models initially and tracing it back was a disappointment as at the time it was a kickstarter only figure (2012/2013) and you couldn't actually purchase them direct from Pinnacle Entertainment 

 So I kind of gave up thinking aw well tough luck you missed that boat but then fast forward a few years later to December last year a random search on ebay and some turned up with shipping from the US. Alas the Templar wasn't amongst those listed but it prompted me to do a search and I found one! Randomly in listed on a Comic shops website in America but I HAD to have this figure so I ordered her and paid about $12 including shipping in total and here she is! Again another lingerer I have had on the paint table completed for Zomtober. I think she makes an awesome zombie hunter/survivor and also fits in nicely with my post apoc games!

Thursday 13 October 2016

Batman Miniature Game Copperhead

Another Free Agent finished this can be used by most villain type crews. I believe the original Copperhead was male and wore a sort of snake type outfit. This one is based on the Batman computer games. I really like the model its took me a while to get her finished as I've not needed her for a game as such. I hope to return to my Penguin crew at some point so I am building up some Free agents to fit in with him and take advantage of his Charismatic rule allowing him to take upto 3 Free agents than the normal 2.

Copperhead is quite a fast agent and has nice blood/stun claw attacks. I wouldn't use her for going after the beefier characters but going after henchmen I think she will do well. Snatching loot or perhaps finishing off KO characters.

Sunday 9 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 Week 2 Hasslefree Foxtrot - Furiosa

Another lingering figure completed off the painting table. I have finally decided to pluck up the courage and tackle Furiosa's face paint. There are now at least 4 versions I've seen but this version by Hasslefree miniatures has to be my favourite. Probably more of a Post Apocalyptic Raider she still cheekily fits in as a Zombie Hunter imo :P

I've had to take some extra pics this week as excitedly an offer came up that I just couldn't refuse. Earlier in the week I narrowly missed out on an awesome post apoc gaming board being given away on facebook by a local gamer as it was taking up space and was no longer needed. Missing out by 30 minutes or so on the facebook post I was disappointed only for Wednesday night it became available again! YAY

So I emptied my car and went and collected it Friday afternoon woot woot. Its 3x3 and I was just expecting it to be the board but it included the terrain as well!! I am very chuffed. The guy I had it off is also starting up a wargaming club so as well as joining the club (first meet on 30th October) I am going to help build some terrain for the games tables :)

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