Sunday 28 April 2013

7TV Female Agent

Another random figure I picked up to use for 7TV gaming a female spy with an MP40 a bit WW2 you might say and you'd be partially right as the figure is from Warm Acre Games Hour of Glory Range a Female Partizan figure. however I imagine a lot of WW2 weapons where still around and available so i've change the clothing colours so they are more 70's. I think she will fit in well with all sorts of casts.

Thats it for this week the lurgy from the week before has developed into a really annoying cough and cold so have not felt like doing much at all this week. Hopefully things will pick up next week.

Friday 19 April 2013

7TV Diplomatic Protection Squad.

Finished off my conversion of the Artizan  'not' Harry Palmer figure to give me another agent character with an smg as most seem to have pistols. The figures has just had a head swap with a Crooked Dice head from there Flamboyant agent sprue.  I want to get some proper vehicles for them but that will have to wait for an ebay opportunity as they can be expensive. These guys could be Military intelligence, Diplomatic Protection or just plain old spys. I was searching for vehicles and came a cross a DPG vehicle and now I want some for these guys.

 Bit of background to them.
Formed in 1961 and still going today The Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) is a Specialist Operations branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service. The unit's main purpose is to provide specialist protection for diplomatic premises in London, such as embassies, high commissions, and consular sections. The group also provides protection and support to members of the Diplomatic Community, as well as members of HM Government.

More info on the Wiki here.

I put some pics up with some Metropolitan Police vehicles that would fit the 70's theme.

Have had got a cold and have felt crappy all week as have still been going to work (spread the love). So not really got much finished I did a little more work on some 7TV Characters and these will be finished tonight time and opportunity permitting.

Looking forward to seeing all the salute pictures popping up on peoples blogs over the weekend as there seems to be some interesting displays/games being put on. If your going and setting up today have fun!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Department X: Hugo Solomon and Pandora King

Hugo Solomon is the dashingly attired and super effective head of Department X. His top secret department investigates and deals with all manner of threats to the country, and Solomon is usually right at the thick end of the action. Equally capable of wielding a withering put-down, a beguiling smile or a karate chop, Department X’s Pandora King is devastating in every sense of the word.

First up off the painting table to be completed is Hugo Solomon just grabbed him and finished him off in two sessions. Finished Pandora off a while ago but more pics can be found of her here.
Hugo from a few angles.

Hugo Solomon and Pandora King.

Picked up a few more vehicles off ebay for my 7TV games another Police car to go with the mini a Ford Anglia and a VW Van which will be used for the goons. I may get some decals for some signage not decided yet.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

April Update so far

Seem to have started lots this past few weeks but finished not a lot. Work is in progress with painting my Nosferatu faction for Empire of the Dead. All have been undercoated,  the Thralls are basecoated ready for washing and the bats are ready to be drybrushed.  Not to sure about the bluey grey on  the Thralls this may be swapped out for a light brown or a bone colour.

Converted two miniatures this week First up was going to be my Dredger type (Sherlock Holmes movie character)  for EotD the figure is from Micro Art studio from there Wolsung game. Annoyingly I bought this Bruiser but then two weeks later a new scruffier version has been released which I want to get instead as its more suitable to use as Dredger. So this guy looks a bit smarter dressed so may get added to my Nosferatu instead. Added a bola hat and snipped the end of his golf club off so its more a sword stick/cane. Used my first of the bases I won from Fenris games will definitely use more resin bases they save so much more time then sculpting them myself.

Here is a pic prior to being undercoated as you can see the detail more than when he is painted all black.

Completed my survey yesterday to order my Empire of the Dead Requiem Kickstarter stuff yesterday 95 miniatures will be landing on my doorstep at some point in June if all goes to plan yikes! Looking forward to receiving the rules

Second converted was the 'not' Harry Palmer by swapping out the head with a Crooked Dice Flamboyant Agent Head and added a scarf. Gives my British agents a bit more firepower with another Sterling SMG Painting wsie for 7TV are some more characters/agents we have Hugo Solomon, another KKBB Field agent and a female spy from Warm Acre games from a WW2 game but I think mixes in ok.

Finally the last of my Studio survivors I bought last year Memphis and Ohio these are not far from being nearly basecoated and need a few bits finishing off.

So as you can see I've been quite busy really.