Wednesday 28 March 2012

Its all a bit Simon Pegg this Week

 Have been watching a few movies lately Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz being a couple of them. Got some more survivor figures finished obviously as the post title suggests related to Simon Pegg and such classic movies. First up is Hasslefree Ray obviously influenced by the Shaun of the Dead movie great pose and love the cricket bat and sawnoff shotgun. Was great to paint as well.

Next up is some British Bobbies again from Hasslefree this time from the Movie Hot Fuzz. Officer Nick and Pc Sam Ford cracking sculpts again and great to paint. I've not quite got the hand of pinning and struggled with Officer Nicks arms to be honest. I think its because the arms are curved rather than being flat I couldn't get the pin to line up properly.

More Sidekicks than named characters these will come in handy bashing cultists and zombies alike. I bought two Hasslefree Riot Cop Neils so I could do both versions, Fantastic sculpts again with lots of kit and character. I've done the riot gun up more like a shotgun as I don't really want to be pelting Zombies with rubber bullets or teargas. Had a go at soem freehand on the shield which was ok but looking at the close up I need to redo the letter I doh!

Last but not least a non Hasslefree figure this time from Crooked Dice, WPC May Killan but in my twisted vision she will be used as PC Doris Thatcher from Hot Fuzz. Great sculpt and in one piece, nice bits of kit and a nice combat pose.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Torch's and Toasty Goodness

Another Zombie hunter finished this week. Sadie C from Hasslefree another cracking pose love the silenced SMG and the way the torch is held investigating those nooks and crannys. Also carrying a backpack for those essential's (lipgloss, phone, tic tacs etc) supplies. Whilst you know something is going to creep up from behind and grab her.

Had another a go at yellow with Sadie tried another recipe it looks ok just not a smooth as i'd hoped. They are kinda supposed to be tight fitting motorcycle leathers with a dark grey stripe down the sides.

Toastiness mmmmmmm. Picked up these a few weeks back with the7TV rulebook. Some Minion Specialists for my evil mastermind (TBA) to erm expend. Love the character of these figures. Especially the technician. a Nice set I really like the tanks on the flame thrower minion. I plant to get another set but I need to get some more Hardhat heads as you only get one sprue with this set and it only has one of those heads on. I will probably wait until the end of April though as they have some cool new head sprues coming out.

On a whingy note. What glue do you guys use for plastics? I had some of plastic glue from GW I only used it once on twelve dwarves to glue them to there bases only to come to use it the weekend and its all dried up grrrr. Any recomendations folks?


Doctors and Agents

Been steadily working through some of my Individual figures this week. Again these figures can be used for any number of gaming needs. First up from Hasslefree is the Lab Technician. Nice little pose I feel. Could be used as a student doctor as well. I'm not sure what he will be used for yet but I've nicknamed him Dexter

Next from Hasslefree is Morgan B. I prefer this over the original as she has the trench coat added and a revolver. Quite quick to paint but she surprise me with how tiny she was! Morgan will be great as an office worker survivor or as an assistant agent. Reminds me a bit of Scully from the X-Files. Put up a size comparison at the bottom as well. Copplestone Future Wars, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and another Hasslefree lady,

As soon as this lovely lady was released. Hasslefree Destiny I just had to get her to go with my KKBB Soul Section the pose is just excellent and fits in perfect with the rest of the crew.

Heres some of the other bits worked on this week will probably have a few of  these ready for next week.

Work on the LOTR Dwarf's is progressing I'm basically using one hobby night a week to work on these and then working on everything else. Its good to get some progress done with these as seeing how many there's are feels like having a weight round my neck lol

Wednesday 14 March 2012

4x4 and Gran with a shotgun

Been catching up doing the garden this weekend.Managed to get just the one Hasslefree figure done which is Madge the shotgun toting granny. Another fantastic figure from Hasslefree the post is jst great and I really enjoyed painting her.

Vehicle wise I managed to pick up some emergency 4x4's a Police and a Fire and Rescue one from ASDA for £2.00 each. There is an Ambulance as well but sadly there where none available. Scale Is supposodly 1:60 but they had some truck listed at 1:43 but they where tiny so not quite sure how accurate they are. I've included a few Hasslefree figures for scale.

Sunday 11 March 2012

H.I.V.E Higher Institute of Villainous Education

Reading wise this week I've just finished reading H.I.V.E (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) by Mark Waldon his blog has details of this books and its sequels can't wait for book two to arrive at the library to be honest. It was one of those books I couldn't put it down until it was finished!

Really love the concept of it and with my Spy-Fi infatuation it scratched the itch. Teenish fiction at its best and I found it quite funny in places. Certainly gave me the idea for some paint schemes for my evil masterminds. As well as some characters to boot.

From the back

H.I.V.E. (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is a top-secret school of applied villainy where children with a precocious gift for wrongdoing are sent to develop their talents into criminal mastermind. After all, ‘villains have the best lines and wear the best costumes’.
One small catch is that the children cannot leave until training is complete, six years later. With villainy comes a certain freedom of thought, and every year one student in particular will show exceptional talent – after all, it takes the best to produce the worst.
This year there are two students: Otto Malpense and his new friend Wing Fanchu are both exceptionally bad, and they are definitely not keen on being held against their will for six long years . . .

I'd certainly give it a 7 out of 10