Saturday 31 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Been a busy week hobby wise. Undercoated my LOTR Ruins. Nearly finished my Otherworld Fighter. Then deciding to dig out my other adventurers found the first two dwarfs the varnish had gone opaque............. So they are no sitting in the strip pot. I also decided I no longer like the chunky dungeon bases so have stripped all the base off and start again and done them as my standard figures. Not sure whether they will be grey perhaps they might be a pale brown in colour we shall see!

 This was actually taken Yesterday evening prior to chopping off the base and doing it again. In the pic below you can see he has a new base.

 Stripped Dwarfs and the re-based adventurers. I need to touch up a few figures mainly the ranger and cleric who arms broke off during the base removal process :(  But I'm happier about the more consistent base size it was far to uneven heights depending on when they where bought and based!

The ruins under coated. Not bothered doing the planking yet as there are going to be dry brushed etc 

Thursday 29 May 2014

ATDE Drexyl The Family's Sharpshooter

Went over to Rich's last night and we managed to get two games of Across the Dead Earth it played a lot quicker this week I think mainly because there was just the two of us. I have a few pics of the second game on my phone I'll try and do a report on the second games when i've had chance to look at the pics.

Anyway I finished off number 3 of the Family this morning in some free time as the kids where out on a trip and works was quiet. I had a bit of a dilemma with this chap his jacket is excellent and has loads of pockets and pouches sculpted. I was debating whether to do the jacket it in urban camo or leave it plain so you can see the pockets etc.

Decided to leave it and just do his cap in camo. in the end another lovely sculpt. My Only gripe with the figure is I wish the scope on the rifle had the lenses sculpted in would of been far easier painting them in.

Adam the leader of the gang has been pretty much basecoated and shading has begun hopefully have him ready for the weekend.

The Trio done so far.

Monday 26 May 2014

ATDE Skylar The Family's Scout

Another good painting session yesterday evening resulted in Skylar 'The Family's' scout being finished and Drexyl going a long way to being nearly finished. Anyway here is Skylar. I slightly modified her arms and shortened her wrists.

The Two members completed so far.

Sunday 25 May 2014

ATDE Ezra 'The Family' Medic

Well here's my first Across the Dead Earth character Ezra the medic from 'The Family' faction. Spent more time figuring out what to do with his coat as I didn't want to do it just a single colour and went for a camouflaged version in the end. It doesn't follow a particular type just the colours. I painted the lenses in the gas mask red as I felt this contrast nicely with the dark grey mask and made them stand out a bit more. 

Equipment wise he's all geared up for close range contact with a shotgun and a sword. I also really like the variety of pouches and other gear he has clipped onto his belt.

Next up I think will be Skylar.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

This weeks WIP

Well this week you can guess i'm working on the Across the Dead Earth figures. I've cleaned them moldlines where tiny and very few. Trimmed away the bases on three then I was a bit worried about how secure the figure to the base would be but I think they will be fine now the putty has dried.

 Before Putty
 After Putty!
 Now Undercoated

These are Lord Siwoc (Johnny's) fault as he brought up getting loot counters made and having far to much putty left over I had a little play. So we have 3 bin bag types. 3 guns and ammo and a stack of tin cans. My only dilema with these is how to add the value of the loot counter without people being able to memorise what the value is in games past the first. I'm thing I'll just have separate counters and stick these over the top just as eye candy. I need to make some more but will probably rob some bits from the WGF Survivor sprues to adds some more modern weapons and bits in. What do we think?

Monday 19 May 2014

Across the Dead Earth Shinies in the Post!

I came home on Friday to find a lovely little package posted through the letterbox. The first production castings of The Adam's Family gang from Across the Dead Earth! (Minus Reggie but never mind!) So awesomely honoured to be getting some of the very first batch to paint up!

I snapped a few pics with my other survivors, gangers etc and they will mix in nicely I feel. I need to decide how I'm going to base these fine figures up prior to painting. They come on integral bases which are rather thin and don't level off when using the 2p coins that I use normally use for those figs that come with these kind of bases.

Its not an issue. I could clip the bases off but I think I'm just going to just mount them on 25mm round bases like all my other slotta tab figures. My normal habit is to glue slotta figures and leave a 1mm gap between the base and the soles of the feet then use putty to bridge the gap and then texture it.

Here's some comparison pics with a few ranges from my collection. I wonder which the one I will get finished first I can't decide!

Lovely Shinies Fresh out of the bag.

First few pics I mounted on coins but they don't level off with all my others figs so 25mm rounds is the way forward.
 All Hasslefree figures

 Mix of Big guys 2 Reaper Chronoscope miniatures

 Reaper and Wargames Foundry Street Violence Big Guy.

 Wargames Foundry big and medium size Street Violence
 Copplestone Castings Future Wars Bikers

  Copplestone Castings Future Wars Bikers

  Copplestone Castings Future Wars Bikers

 Rogue Miniatures Herb and Studio Miniatures Dixon

 Studio miniatures Dixon, Rogue miniatures Red Rum
Studio miniatures Dixon, Rogue miniatures Red Rum and Prince August Future Shock

Skylar the crouching girl on the left may be getting a re-sculpt as she's slightly out of scale but there will be more on that later.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Wednesdays Across the Dead Earth Game report.

This is the report from Wednesday nights game. We trialled one or two rule variations out so those of you who have a copy of the rules some things might seem a tiny bit different. One turns photos didn't turn out so I have just explained what went on in the gaps in photos. 

Rolled randomly for the type of game we played and it ended being a loot game. Random amount of loot was rolled which was D4 +3 for a total of 4 counters.

Deployment and Loot Counter Placement

Yellow Arrow = Defiler's

Blue Arrow = Adam's Family

Green Arrow = Stour Raider's

4x Pink Stars mark the loot counters

 Defilers Deployment

 Stour Raiders Deployment

Adam's Family Deployment with eager beaver's Yoshi's hand in the shot!

 The Raiders mostly advance into cover splitting into two teams of three. 

 Clint moves up onto the first floor. Parker and Jess move behind the tower supports below.

Drexyl moves to the base of the tower ladder an order from Adam allows him to move up to the second floor Adam advances into the cover of the wall. Ezra moves up to the back of the car wreck and hunkers down.

 Skylars moves up to the wall near Adam and Reggie advances up to the ruined house with one of the loot counters in.

Spikey Mikey, Dr D and Dread Ed all advance towards the first loot counter.

 Crimson and the Defilers leader Mack advance up onto the walkway the Mack ordering Crimson forward into cover.

Crimson sights down her rifle at the Raiders own sharpshooter hitting but failing to cause any damage Beth spotting the rifle flash return fire blowing Crimson onto her back. Baker climbs up to grab the loot only to find it not where he though it was (Information Error). Spotting it below he moves down and snags the first loot counter for the Raiders.

Mack advance and shoots down Baker who is then revived by the Raiders medic Sadie and is back up on his feet in short order obviously it was just a scratch!

Clint not wishing to risk any gunfire from Drexyl up in the tower moves down the walkway and orders Baker to open fire at Mack but the shot goes astray.

Jess advances into the open and try a blast with her shotgun at Skylar but misses.

Drexyl moves upto the top of the tower snags the Families first loot counter and moves back out of sight of the Raiders sharpshooter.

Adam moves up to the car wreck to support Reggie and Ezra. Reggie opens fire  at Dread Ed several times but fails to hit. Ezra advance upto the first floor of the ruin ready to snag another loot counter next turn.

Dread Ed and Spikey Mikey both move towards the ruined house.
Dr.D Snags the first loot counter and returns it to the Defilers deployment zone.

Dr.D sprints over to the fallen Crimson (Double move and the use of Medic! which in this game was a 12 inch move towards a casualty rather than instantly moving next to her)
Clint engages Mack in close combat but fails to gain the upper hand. Mack then kicks Clint over and takes him out but the Raiders Medic gets Clint back on his feet before Mack could stick the boot in.

Baker tries a shot at Mack at close range with his smg but misses.
Ezra Snags the loot from the upper floor and with an order from Adam lets loose a round from his shotgun at Dread Ed and knocks him out.
Spikey Mikey moves inside the ruin and clambers up to the first level ready to attack Ezra next turn.
Adam snaps some long range shots off at Spikey Mikey but fails to hit him at such long range.

Photo Error Occurs here sorry!

Jess engages Skylar in hand to hand combat but fails to gain the upper hand despite playing the 'Thats not a Knife' card. Drexyl moves to the edge of the platform and sprays some bullets at Parker who luckily saves against the odds. Parker then moves up behind Skylar to pin her in place.

Skylar then disengages from combat (A very slipper girl indeed) and blasts Jess at close range with her shotgun and knocks her down.

Clint knocks Mack down in hand to hand and takes him out of the fight by slitting his throat. Baker advances opening fire at Crimson who has just been revived by Dr.D but fails to cause any damage.

Drexyl takes a shot at Beth in the opposite tower but fails to cause any wounds.

Parker re-engages Skylar in combat but she slips away from him (Apologies Skylar has fallen over for some reason and I didn't notice when taking the pic!)

Ezra disengages from combat with Spikey Mikey and shoots him down at close range with his shotgun Adam then gives him the order to finish him which Ezra levels his shotgun to his head and blows his brains out into the street. Reggie moves up and takes on Dread Ed in hand to hand.

A Drunken Redclaw turned up looking to join in on the scrap (Tom arrived for the last hour so Fatboy with his RPG joined in the antics!)

Baker charges into Crimson and takes her down. Sadie blasts Dr.D with her SMG and knocks him down.

Photos a bit meh at this point!
Drexyl is sniped by Beth followed by a second shot which kills him removing him from play leaving a loot counter right on the edge of the platform. Skylar disengages from combat with Parker blast him with her shotgun at close range and knocks him down. Fatboy moves up towards the fighter between the Defilers and The Family.

Beth enters in to watch and wait guarding the loot dropped by Drexyl.
Skylar blasts both Jess and Parker at close range finishing them off.

Fatboy lets rip with a round from his RPG at the scrap between Reggie and Dread Ed blasting them both out of action.

Ezra takes some long range shots at Fatboy but misses. Adam takes the loot from Ezra and moves back downstairs .

Baker draws his knife and slits both Crimson's and Dr.D throats removing them from the battle.
Clint sprints over to the loot counter sitting unguarded in the Defilers basecamp.
Beth continues to watch and wait adding another counter.
Skylars moves to the top of the tower her eye on the loot.
Ezra moves downstairs grabbing the loot from Adam and advancing to the corner of the building. Adam then moves up and removes the final Defiler Dread Ed from the game up close and personal and blasts Fatboy with his shotgun taking him down

Another Blurred photo. 
Which is a real shame as Adam moves over to Fatboy to remove him from the game but Fatboy sacrifices himself and as Adam turns him over he pulls a pin on a grenade removing them both out of play (Sacrifice card)
Skylar makes a move for the loot but is gunned down by the waiting Beth in the opposite tower.
Skylar is then removed as Beth shoots two bullets into her prone body.
Clint snags the loot counter and begins to leg it back to base camp.
Baker and Sadie also beats a hasty retreat.
Ezra moves upto Reggie and heals him bringing him back into play. Reggie then double times it over to the tower.

At this point we called an end to the game as Yoshi and I felt it was a good time to end it plus it was late in the night.

Tallying up the final points the Stour Raiders had 5 kills 3 were up close and personal so worth double points. Adam's Family had 4 kills 1 of which was up close. Sadly The Defilers and Fatboy failed to kill anybody (Sacrifice doesn't count) Loot Counters where quite small so added little to the scores in the end.

Stour Raiders 50pts
Adam's Family 35pts
The Defilers 0pts
Fatboy 0pts

I came first woot woot! It was hard fought game and a couple of time if it hadn't of been for my medic being right there could of gone either way.

There won't be a game night next week for me as I've got to much planned so it will be mostly painting. We are going to try out the campaign system in the coming weeks so we can try out some rare items and toys and see how things work out. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it!