Sunday 30 October 2011

Gunny Survivor and Daughter

Besides the Birthday and the inconvenince of colds and work getting in the way. I've been trying to get those odds and sods that have been WIP for a while.

We have 3 miniatures finished this week. My retired Gunnery Sergeant (Foundrys B team Haniibal) armed with his trusty M14 rifle. I had ago at sculpting some ammo pouches out of miliput which turned out ok. I must get some greenstuff to have a play with.

We have our Gunny's Daughter who is 'Billy A' from Hasslefree miniatures. I'm a little bit miffed how the face turned out as she was tiny to paint.

Last of all we have another Copplestone Bad guy in suit with SMG. Really like the pose on this one and it kinda reminds me of Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction though I decided not to paint him that way.

Friday 28 October 2011

Happy Birthday Me!

Birthday today 32 ! OMG where has the time gone. Had a great day chilled out and just come back from the pub after a lovelly meal. A pic of my haul mainly sweets and booze can't be bad. Homemade Chocolate cake by Mrs Brummie, My new Marvel Mug and Pen woohoo.

Had some cash as well so will get some hobby related stuff to at some point. Now to get the kids in bed so I can start on some of that beer

Thursday 20 October 2011

Boiler Suit Guards Vault Security, Multi use sentrys etc

Been a slow week kids have had colds been grizzly lack of sleep blah blah blah. Heres this weeks figures apologies for quality of photos my camera has packed up.

I have two packs of Artizan's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang figures done this week.  Guards and Guards II I really like these figures poses as they are that little bit more animated compared to the Copplestone ones. I will get some Copplestone ones eventually.

Some niggley flash and mold lines in some awkward places but ok overall

I have painted them as Vault security from my made up 'Vault 5' mainly be cause I love the original Fallouts and the story/background of these games.

In the pipeline at the moment is Artizans KKB202 Field Agents. Which if anyone can tell me who these are supposed to represent or what movie they are from I would be grateful.

Also my local store Waylands Forge are now stocking Crooked Dice figures. So when picking this pack up the other day I ended up walking out with two packs Men from the Future and Agent Pandara King. Ha what a sucker for nice shinies.

On the Bench with paint on them is some Copplestone Bad Guys in Suits, Hasslefree Mad Dog, Grant, Hunted Billie and Lab Assistant. Finally some converted Westwind SOTR Russians as wasteland nomad/raider types.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

More Survivors done and maybe a 70's Vibe

This week got my KKBB Soul Section and Freelance agents finished by Copplestone Castings. I really enjoyed painting the Soul section they just ooze character.

Only booboo I made was matt varnishing the Freelance agents before taking pictures as I think they look better before than after but nevermind that here are the piccies enjoy!

OOO yeah I am seriously considering doing a 70's theme Apocalypse thanks to Vampifan popping the idea in my head. I'm looking through Killer B Games 'Geezer's Shut It' range as they have a load of cool goodies in there.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Defiance Games

Spotted this whilst browsing the internet today at first glance they look like they could be really excellent and i'm looking forward to seeing more from them.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Express Delivery......

Was mooching in Tesco's yesterday and came across this nice little set for £4.00 I took a gamble as there was another set for £6.00 with 3 small lorries one with a skip on, one with recycling/bottle bank on and I forgot the third one but they seem small. I think its maybe a little big but It will do. Enjoy the pics anyhow.

Apologies took on my Mobile phone oo and the figures are my finished Freelance Agents but I will be posting these again properly next week as I'm painting another set at the moment.

Monday 3 October 2011

Two more Survivors

Bit of a slow week last week. My daughter started nursery and with the heatwave in the UK theres been a lack of time for the hobby.

A few bit I got finished my second Rachel Knight figure with converted Steyr assault rifle and my second Horrorclix figure is finished.

Got some other bits n bobs nearly finished. Freelance Agents will be done and another of my Bad Guys in Suits nearly finished. I've also started on my war veteran survivor.