Tuesday 29 March 2022

Crooked Dice Goblins

 Work is steadily progressing with my Goblin Horde. I've managed to get the bulk of the warriors done during this month. I've started the two archers, chieftain and sub chief from Otherworld. The Goblin King is also underway having got his throne finished. Now beginning work on the King himself!

With the warriors I kept a similar colour scheme to my first batch but used more green and red. Mixing it all up so they appear like a rabble but with unifying colours. I used less browns and creams on this batch. Mixing them in with the ones I did previously I think they fit in quite well.

The Kings Throne. Such a gorgeous sculpt I had to paint them separately as there are just so many nice details on the the throne itself. I decided to paint the skulls as bone rather than wood as I think it gives a nicer contrast than all just being wood.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Crooked Dice Divine Mortal or Xena the Warrior Princess

Just a quick post this week.  I've had Xena (Divine Mortal from Crooked Dice) sitting partly done for ages. So whilst trying to decide on what todo for the 7TV event I got her finished off. I hope we see some more Xena companions as they would make a fab cast for 7TV Fantasy.

Cast wise i've gone for my Goblins and have begun work on expanding my normal warriors to begin with. Then I have several chiefs/sub chiefs and a kind to do.

The Goblin King and the extra warriors. I grabbed a couple of minis from Otherworld as well as they visually fit in nicely with the old Otherworld ones which now belong to Crooked Dice

I'v also got an Ettin from Crooked Dice I might paint but not sure on what colour todo do his skin yet.