Wednesday 24 June 2020

7TV Day Crooked Dice Black Goat/Wendigo

This is my Black Goat model from Crooked Dice its made of resin and comes in four pieces comprising of the body/legs, left and right arms then the skull/horns. Its intended use is in the Children of  the fields Winterley Cast as an adversary to Lady Winterley and the Strawman. But its physical characteristics also fit into the profile both size wise and physical description of the supernatural creature known as a Wendingo from the Pulp expansion Menagarie of Terror. (It has a goat skull rather than stag but happy to overlook that).

I went for fleshy tones on with grey fur and I am quite pleased with it. 

I need to varnish it still once I have it reapplied and then I can add some tufts etc to match my Children of the Fields models.

Thursday 11 June 2020

Pulp Figures Companion

 Another figure i've always admired is one of the stalwart companions from Pulp Figures. There are a couple I have always liked  just never got around to grabbing the full sets. I spotted a few on ebay selling singles so grabbed this Scottish and the Tibetan guide looking ones.

This was my first attempt at doing the tartan following a method I found online for doing the Burrows Highlanders. I know where I went wrong though. So repainted it  the base colours but left it at the third stage where I was most happy with it.

This was the first go which just got messy quickly. I guess from a distance it probably would look ok.
Went back over and just stopped at this stage and much happier with it..