Sunday 30 September 2018

Zomtober 2018!

As the end of September is almost here. It is very much the time of year to announce Zomtober 2018! 

To take part you just need to paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by that week's Sunday (we use Sunday's as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means posting one or more newly painted Zombie or Survivor minis each week on or before the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th this year.

I have some minis prepped to get done next month. My main plan is to get my St. Searles cast painted up and ready for half term at the end of the month. I hope to get a 7TV game in against a paranormal cast with my two girls and I shall try and write up a report about it!

The girls in question. The front two have been stripped to bolster the numbers.

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Tuesday 25 September 2018

7TV Day 2 Board in Brum 22nd September

Well Saturday saw me attend the second 7TV day of the year. This time it was held at the Board in Brum gaming store located just off Junction 10 of the M6 near Walsall.

This event was a bit different in the fact you were able to bring along your own boards as well as your own 30 Rating cast.

Arriving at 0900 those who bought boards began setting up ready for the 1000 start. As you can see below the boards were excellent and each thematically different themes and settings.

Rather than it being a tournament type event it was more of a themed campaign day. With no winner for beating your opponents. But prizes were given for Best Cast, Best Board and Most Sporting player all dealt with by player votes.

There were 3 games held throughout the day following the standard scenarios from the producers guide. (More info on those further down in the photos).

Haunted Wood and Mansion board.

Rocket Silo Base.

 Sci Fi Relay Outpost

Alien Invasion board

 My own Post Apocalypse Desert Board

Fabulous Dystopian Ladbroke Grove this won best board and it truly was a feast for the eyes with tons of little details all over it from posters, to amps and speakers on the stadium in the park.

A most Excellent Villainous lair.


My own Children of the Fields Cast. Crow King, Strawman, Mast Beast, 3x Corn Doll and 3x Murder of the Crows.

Chris's Action Hero cast in their weekend gear!

Simon Clarke's Dam dirty apes!

Jason's Paranormal Cast.

Mike's Excellent Children of the Fields Black Goat Cast.

Alex's Evil Mastermind cast.

Shaun Pike's Superb Band on the Run cast.

Simon Coldrick's Excellently painted army cast.

Simon Coldrick's fantastic Evil Mastermind and Marauding Monster Cast (Played by Alistair on the day)

Episode 1

First episode was on the haunted woods board and saw me facing off against an action cast made up of an Action Hero, Angel of Justice some army privates, a corporal and a pair of security guards and their pet dog.

We played on the Haunted Wood board.

This game was a abit of a learning curve for us both as Chris who I was facing hadn't played 7TV before and I was using my Children of the Fields cast which is very different to what casts I normal use.

We both cautiously advanced upon one another a few fights breaking out and shots from the Army Privates bringing down my Mast Beast and one of my Corndolls only for the Strawman to bring them back to life (amusingly the Mast Beast died several times ðŸ˜‚).

A mass brawl between the Crow King, Strawman and two crows against the Action Hero, security guards and dog. The Strawman managed to stomp the security guards into paste The attack dog knocked down the Crow King only for a countdown card to switch the status onto the Angwl of Justice. The Crow king clawed the dog killing it. What two corndolls set about the Angel of Justice smothering her to death with their straw filled limbs.

The next turn was decisive with the Action Hero managing to stun the Strawman with a sleep spray preventing him entering the fray. The Action Hero then put down the Mast Beast then laying some hurt down on the Crow King.

Stealing the scene the Army Corporal and remaining two privates then unloaded their SLR's into the Strawman blowing him into twigs and hay. The Action Hero managed to knock the Crow King down a further health point only to be clawed in return reducing him down to the same amount of health. An axe test saw the privates and corporal decide it was time for tea and biscuits leaving the Action Hero on is own. 

The Crow king fluffed his attacks and the fight back from the Action Hero saw the Crow King bite the dust. The Action Hero then proceeded to mop up the remaining corndolls and crows. An inevitable explosion narrowly missed the Action Hero who was blown clear. The game then ended a solitary corndolls on 1 health all that remained of the Children of the Fields. 

11vps to 5vps to Chris. I had managed to grab 2 objectives, axe his cast and kill his Angel of justice. 

Where as Chris managed to take out both my Stars and pick up 3 objectives. Netting him a huge ton of vps.

Episode 2

This game was against an Evil Mastermind, Marauding Monster and a minion squad. To keep things simple threshing we followed Mikes guidelines that you had to pass a body test to pick up objectives. Alistair was defending meaning he had to leave off my board edge to achieve victory whilst my Children of the Fields had to prevent this from happening.

The minions form up on the start line.
The game was quite amusing. The Evil Mastermind, Marauding monster and a pair of minions tried to sneak through the outpost corridor on the right hand side of the bird whilst the minion squad formed a block to face off against the Strawman, Crow King and crows.

My straw dolls manage drop collect two objectives. One spending most the game to achieve this the other managing to do it before being dismembered by the Marauding monster. A Strawman Poppet saw a minion join my cast and attempt to beat up the Evil Mastermind but he was dispatched in short order.

In the centre the minion firing line was prevented from shooting at the Strawman by a hex from the Crow King a swarm of alien birds blocking the view. They managed to gun down a corndolls and would do the Crow King instead.

Spotting the Strawman coming towards them form a fighting wedge.
Next turn saw the Strawman reaching the minion wedge a land grab knocking many of them down allowing the crows to swoop in and join the fray in molested. A huge brawl broke out leaving crows stunned left and right from minion cost's only for the Strawman to perform a morris dance on the minions corpses and killing off all he minions involved in the centre.

The evil Mastermind who seemed to have an endless supply of plot points brought back a huge chunk of minions back onto the bird they formed a firing line and managed to gun down all my crows.

The Evil Mastermind and Monster proceeded through the corridor and using a laser scope gunned down the made Beast. The count down deck had other ideas and the first finale card ended the game in a bit of an anti climax as the Mastermind and marauding monster were about 12 inches and a door away from escaping my clutches.

The game ended with 4vps to 2 vps with us both collecting two objectives each and I succeeded in preventing the Evil Mastermind's escape plan.

Episode 3

This time I faced a Paranormal cast my first time facing this sort of cast. It was comprised of a Deathworm, Bell Witch, chupacrabra, sewer alligator, spectre, wendingo and a Jersey Devil. (I think it was these creatures sorry! )

We deployed in our corners with out spy cast members deploying further up the board for me my 3 corndolls (who move slow only allowing a single move action per activation!) And Jason's Deathworm who can only by spending 2 plot points to move 6 inches away as an erupt action.

Jason won the Initiative and his whole cast set off toward the other board edge. The death worm using his erupt ability to move up the board. The line of fire advanced 2 inches. 

My first turn saw me draw a very fortuitous countdown card allowing me to swap the location of a star, Co star or extra. Naturally I switched places with the death worm positioning him in my deployment zone whilst moving the Strawman to the Death Worms location. 

The line of fire advanced a couple of inches further. The Corndolls ambled through the woods toward the opposite edges whilst the Mast Beast tried to attack the Deathworm and hold it up. The Crow king and his crows advanced towards the centre with the crows double moving and coming into base to base with several creatures. 

The Strawman seeing the horde of creatures swiftly advancing decided to head them off to buy some time for the rest of his kin to escape. Charging into the fray he engaged both the spectre and chupacabra in a fight injuring the chupacabra and the spectre by stomping on them knocking them down however the spectre used her invulnerable ability to absorb the damage and cheat death.

Again the line of fire steadily advanced closer to the mast beast and Deathworm. The jersey Devil continued to fly through the woods. The Spectre and Chupacabra got back up the both of them using the roar effect to push the Strawman and crows away and out of striking distance. The death worm used it's erupt ability to begin it's slog back up the board. Two crows were batted out the air by the sewer alligator and Chupacabra The Bellwitch teleported further up the board near the spooky house and the Jersey Devi.

The next turn I tried to be sneaky and advanced the countdown by two cards hoping to catch the Deathworm with the encroaching line of fire but the Deathworm narrowly escaped however my mast beast was burned to a crisp. The Strawman performed a land grab weakening several creatures he stomped on the spectre killing it then brought the mast beast back to life and positioned in contact with the wendingo.
The Crow king advanced and stunned the chupacabra with a fevered Feather. The Corndolls edged closer to the board edge and the line of fire advanced ever closer. I then stole the scene.

The line of fire advanced again catching up and incinerating the Death worm. The Corndolls left off the board edge. The Mast Beast cut down the chupacabra. The Strawman smashed the sewer alligator and pushed it into the line of fire incinerating it then stomping off towards the board edge closely followed by the remaining Crow and Mast beast. 

The line of fire advanced. A gadget set on fire the mast beast and remaining crow. The Jersey Devil and Bell Witch moved almost to the edge of the board. The Crow succumbed to the flames enveloping it and burned to a crisp. 

The fire advances and the Strawman leaves the board. The Crow king and Mast Beast head towards the board edge.

The Jersey Devil and Bell Witch escape the line of fire catches up with the chupacabra. The Mast Beast succumbs to its flames and the game ends.

It was a cracking day and I was shocked but very please to have my cast voted as Best Cast and won a copy of the 7TV game as a prize!

Thursday 20 September 2018

Pirates of the Undead Sea's Kickstarter

Just a heads up on this one. The guys over at Dead Earth Games are running a kickstarter to get some Fantasy themed pirates produced.

At the moment it is for 5 Dwarves, an Elf and an Orc with a free Dwarf cook if you pledge at the £25 level for one of each. There are few other pledge levels either all the Dwarves or one where you can purchase individual figures.

As part of the kickstarter you will get access to to the beta rules for their upcoming game for it. The game itself is race free so you can mix up your crews as you please having Dwarves alongside Elves and Orcs is fine.

At the moment the models are printed and this kickstarter is to get masters done and moulds produced for the figures shown below.

Dwarf with Blunderbuss

Dwarf with Pistol and Sword

Female Dwarf with pistols

Dwarf with Pistol and Sword

Elven Pirate with swords

Orc pirate with pistol and sword

Dwarf Cook which you get as a freebie for buying the complete set.


Wednesday 19 September 2018

Alpha Squad Covergirl

Taking a break from the Children of the Fields project I managed to finish off a partially started figure on the paint bench during this weeks morning paint sessions. Its the Gi Joe codename Covergirl.

Scarlett, Covergirl and Lady Jaye.

I went for the sunbow cartoon colour scheme. This character has had several versions mine, a red head with a tan sort of fatigues and brown jacket and then a later version with blonde hair but the same outfit as the second one. The redhead version is probably the most common one however I feel it looks far to like Scarlett and suspect that was why she went back to being blonde later on.

Still need to decide what to take on Saturday for the 7TV day. 30 ratings is not a lot really and will have to make some tough decisions on what I want to take out of all that I have painted. I will try and get as many pics as I can of the day and post them up next week.

Saturday 15 September 2018

Crooked Dice Children of the Fields Strawman

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and fun this guy was to paint as I only got him primed on like Tuesday afternoon. I primed him with Humbrol Sea Grey Acryllic spray. I then basecoated him all over with Steel Legion Drab. A heavy wash of Army Painter Strong tone then followed. The base was painted Gorthor Brown and again a wash of Strong tone.

Once dry several layers of drybrushing was done. First the original Steel Legion Drab, Then Tau Ochre, Then a little bit of bronzed flesh on the upper parts. Various runes were then picked out in Ushabati bone and then I picked out varios logs in Oak Brown and applied a few select dark tone and strong tone washes to other wood sections.

The base was given a drybrush of baneblade brown and then the paved areas a wash of dark tone

Whats been on my mind a lot was whether to do eyes or not and in the end I decided to have a stab at glowing green eyes which adds a spot more colour and also ties him in with my cultists and other characters.

Thats it currently I will have to come back to the villagers after the event. Next week is going to be crazy busy with open evenings, meetings at work and all the usual hubbub of life. Looking forward to next Saturday though :)