Thursday 26 February 2015

Relics Britanan February Challenge minis completed.

Wow over a week without a blog post!! Well apologies have been mega busy with one thing or another and what free time I have had has been spent on painting etc.

Anyway I have finished off the bulk of the infantry for my Britanan army that are going to be used for the tournament at the end of March.

I have 5 highlanders to paint but after finally deciding pretty much what will be in the final 400pt list they couldn't be squeezed in effectively without messing up the composition. This was mainly due to the middle game of the day when the force is split 300;ts with 100pts of reinforcements I couldn't take a full size unit and it couldn't be broken down (points wise) and still leave a decent sized unit.

Anyway apologies pics where a bit rushed as the weather has been crap for out door pics this week. These are also my entry on the Tor Gaming Forums February Painting Challenge. A winner is selected at random from the entries and wins a store voucher :)

 The three Company Sergeant Majors. It occurred to me that the one with rifle would make a good proxy for a marksmen! Hmmm I shall have to put some more thought into that.
 A second unit of Grenadiers. I love these models they are quite a tough unit as well from what i've read and some youtube game reports I have watched. They have 2 damage each and equipped with short ranged grenade launchers with a special Area of Effect attack,
 The humble troopers and the mainstay of the army. When funds allow these will get expanded to full strength of 9 and you can add on a Colour Party (Standard bearer and Drummer) which expands the unit to 11 and adds on some special rules for morale and movement. (when funds allow)

Next up for March's painting challenge and the second half of my force is cavalry. Two more units require doing for it and also require to be finished for the tournament. The Dragoons and Heavy Dragoons. You already saw the Dragoons a few weeks back they are now built and undercoated ready to be painted. The Heavy Dragoons also arrived this week and so I have had my first proper play with Resin miniatures.

 The normal Dragoons. I only have the four at the moment but they can be expanded upto full size of 6. I will be taking a  small unit of 3 to the tournament (point juggling).

Next up the Heavy Dragoons I love these figures!!! Possible my favourites out of the entire range so far I think. These guys are big (in comparison to the rest of the Britanans) they are on 40mm bases and fill them quite nicely. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the renders for these as I had only really seen the normal dragoons (on 30mm bases) and was thinking they would look small on 40mm bases. But now I have them in hand I can see they live up to 'Heavy' Dragoons name. They are shock Cavalry they have no ranged attack but have a nice combat score of 3 each but have some cool rules where this can be buffed upto a whopping 5 dice each on the charge (providing certain things happen).

 Maximum unit size for these guys is 4. You get two different sculpts but they come with separate arms and wheels and a main body. All I've done is switched the sword arms over and changed the angle and I think they have turned out nicely.

With them being heavy I decide to make track as if the weight if them is pressing down in to the ground.

You can get a feel more for there size in these two pics.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Relics Britanan Progress

Well its half term and I have the kids this week. A nasty bug that the kids picked up over the weekend has scuppered all my plans for taking them out and doing the activities I had planned. So we have been doing daft stuff like making rice crispy cakes and doing painting, playing with play doh.

It has meant I've had time to get a good couple of sessions in on the Brummville Garrison. I think another couple of sessions and I'll have them ready to be based :D Reinforcements have been dispatched from Tor Gaming Towers so I should have nearly 500pts to choose from with what I have already.

This is one of my favourites from the Britanan range its the Company Sergeant Major 2 and comes with 3-4 left and right hand options. I've gone with the spear and pistol like on the Tor site just because I like the look of him. The chest I've painted blue as I've only got 5 highlanders and he can be a stand in as a sixth member to max the unit to full size when needed. I hope to get around to getting another highlander I quite fancy converting a caber tossing model just for it to look fun.

Sunday 15 February 2015

Brumville Garrison Progress

Well I have received my trade package of Britanan and Orcnar forces for Relics. Work has begun feverishly preparing, basing and priming them this week. Blocking in the base colours has begun and I just need to do another coat of red on them all and tidy up 3-4 of them.

My reinforcement column has been despatched from Tor Gaming so should be with me any day. I've got the Dragoons prepared and have converted a couple to make them more different. (these have only the two bodies and with two different rear ends its a bit restrictive with just swapping arms over especially when there are 6 in a full unit.

Based and Primed this Is what I plan to have finished by end of February (maybe the dragoons but we'll see). 

Addition of a sword in scabbard to this Company Sergeant Major makes him stand out more as a character than just the rifle.

 Can't see it really in this pic the have different rears and the left arms are different with the right hand side one receiving a spare arm from the Royal Arcanum Guard I had finished already. It looks more like he is holding it.
 Rather than having lots of sword armed dragoons (there are a shooting hit and run type unit.) I decided to convert another one with a carbine but holding it differently. So I decided to have a go at sculpting on replacement arms. The guns are spare from the Company Sergeant Majors weapons choices. Just with there connection pip removed and a hole drilled in.

Arms now added.

The four finished dragoons. The one with the new arms has had cuffs added. Next step with them is to file down the arms and smooth them out a bit more.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Post Apocalyptic Ruins Part 2

I didn't want to bombard you all with millions of pics in the last post but I did get all the ruins down on the table to see what sort of area all my post apoc terrain would cover. Its a decent amount but I still need 5-6 more I reckon to cover a 3ft x 3ft area.. I plan on doing some more cd based sized buildings perhaps some taller two storey ones. Need to have a think about that though as I'm not sure whether I want them to have 3 or 4 walls. I also want to do some stands of trees but again I'm not sure to make generic ones or go with a more post apoc theme with it.

Sunday 8 February 2015

Post Apocalyptic Corner Ruins.

Following on from last years Across the Dead Earth Facebook Groups Post Apocalyptic Terrain building competition. We all pooled ideas together and decided to have another one. Though a bit smaller this time. Rules for this one were easy.

No bigger than a CD sized base (or CD square case).

A piece of scatter terrain.

No commercially bought kits.

So being quite pleased with my previous large building I did. I decided to make some corner ruins. Four of them to be exact as I want to get a good deal of terrain made.

Anyway here is my entry to the Facebook competition and Corner Ruin no.1

Ruin no.2

Made a slight booboo with the door way. I measured it with a figure but after adding the scatter of rubble through the doorway the base no longer fits under it.......whoops.

Ruin no.3

Ruin No.4