Wednesday 17 August 2016

Otherworld Goblins Part 1 and Dad-Daughter project update.

I've finally gotten around to finishing off some goblins for my Fantasy gaming I think I bit off more than I could chew trying to do them all at once and so have split it in half. I am gong to do a few other figures from other ranges before painting the second half.

What you can see here is Goblin Warriors 2 pack and Half of the Goblins command pack (Bodyguard and Sub Chief or Champion as I like to think of him probably Oldhammer thinking ...) I have the Chieftain and Shaman left to do and a the goblin missile troops pack (2 bow and 2 slings). Once these 12 are finished I hope to reward myself with the other two goblin warrior packs bringing the total of goblins upto 20.

They are all cracking sculpts

I've tried a different method with the below mainly zooming in and then cropping using the s/w on my phone. Undecided still.

You'll notice the Dad- daughter project tag has been added and is in the title again. My Daughter Carmen is painting her other Young Fire elementalist (yay) We plan to do some Fantasy gaming together using some of my Otherworld adventurers as a sort of ad hoc town militia to back up the two mages. I am looking at various rulesets at the moment for it. With possibly using Frostgrave as the D20 takes out some of the predictability it seems.

WIP but we hope to finish her soon.

The First Fire Elementalist (called Elsa :P)

Anyway hope your all enjoying the lovely weather were having in the UK at the moment and talking of which this will be my last past for a couple of weeks whilst we go away on our Jollies to the seaside for a bit of R&R and family time.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Hasslefree Hayden

A bit of a change of theme this week. I have felt the urge to go back and do some more of my Fantasy theme figures after sitting and watching Willow with my eldest Carmen one of the nights. Finishing off this lovely little Dwarf by Hasslefree miniatures the slightly more clothed version of Hayden. I went with mostly muted colours and just kept a bit of blue on her boob tube to tie her in with my other Dwarfs. I've got some other figures based up to bulk out my demi human's and treated myself to a couple of Frostgrave figures I have took a shine to and some very nice figures from Crusaders small but serviceable Fantasy range.

But before I start on new shinies I have vowed to tackle the goblins that have been part started for so long! More on those in the next few posts.

I've shifted my photo spot again as we put up some panels to cover the old trellised fencing and its affecting the light in my photos. So you will most likely see some different locations in the garden lol

Another Hasslefree Dwarf and one from Otherworld.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Batman Miniature Game Animated Black Canary

Another version Black Canary finished. This one has slightly weaker stats and less traits but comes in 20 rep cheaper and allows me to take Hawkgirl in my Birds of Prey list alongside, Batgirl, Katana and Huntress. I think I will have to hang back with her in games and user her against henchmen rather than free agents.

My Birds of Prey team read for there first outing. I still want to add a few more options. Mainly Animated Batgirl and Strix from the Court of Owls (annoyingly she comes in a crew pack so buying 4 figures to get 1.....)

Monday 8 August 2016

Trials of a Casual Wargamer Blog shout

Happy Monday everyone. Just wanted to give a shout out about my friends blog he has started. Its a great blog with lots of scratchbuilt terrain, Post Apocalyptic gaming, X wing and Dystopian Legions

Pop by have a browse and say hi :D

Trials of a Casual Wargamer

Saturday 6 August 2016

Batman Miniature Game Hawkgirl

Another Batman figure completed. This time it is the Free Agent Hawkgirl. I intend to use her in my Birds of Prey team for now. Hawkgirl however can be used in both  Batman and Green Arrow crews as a Free Agent also. Stat/trait wise Hawkgirl seems highly mobile being able to fly and good against henchmen but not so much big hitters like batman or bane.