Tuesday 25 May 2021

Statuesque Miniatures Red Queen

 Finished another random figure off as a bit of a cleanser for working on my other cast members. To be fair she has been probably three quarters finished since I did my gangster cast for 7TV Pulp a while back so didn't need a lot doing besides washing and then highlighting and with only a few colours was quite quick todo. I was going to say its my last Statuesque miniature that I had picked up but I just remembered. that  I still have Dr Fang, Captain Wolf and some Asylum characters lurking in the lead pile!

The Red Queen and Da Denton (these come as a pair)

All my Pulp Ladies so far.

I am sorely tempted to take these to the 7TV in some form of Spy Fi cast as besides the Femme Fatale who joined my gangsters the others have never seen the table top!

Thursday 20 May 2021

Hasslfree Morgan

Looking through my pile for suitable female models that I could stand in as a spy I found this figure from Hasslefree Miniatures. Morgan A whichI had painted quite a while ago as a spy but had stripped the paint off her whilst having a sort through as I wasn't really happy with the paint job. 

The new version I managed to paint in the eyes and went for a red top which matched the Security Team but also looks fine individually on her own. 


The old version painted about 8 years ago! Funnily in May!

Monday 17 May 2021

Crooked Dice Female Minions

 Hi folks May has seen me busily beavering away at getting a new cast finished for a 7TV Event in Mid June. I am still saving to get a new car for work due to my job changing to being site based. So no new figures for a good while for me. So I had a dig through my lead pile and looked through my unfinished minis and have found a fair few figs I can use to make an all female Spy Fi cast. Loosely they will be based on the Circus/smuggling group in Octopussy. Though red will also be the colour of my Shiva minions and cast.

These will form the core of my extras which will be a squad of Security Guards with the potential addition of a dog handler.

The full set of Female Minions.

Commander and pistol armed Minions with the one on the right hand side likely to be used as the Security Dog Handler.

SMG Troopers a staple of spy fi Security forces!

Two rifle armed troopers. 

Next up will be more specialised Extra's like Spies, Ninjas and then onto Stars!

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Star Wars Legion Rebel Infantry Part 2

More Star Wars Legion this time the other half of my Rebel Infantry finished completing the two squads you get in the Core set. I had planned on doing the ATRT and Han Solo, Chewie and Luke but there is a 7TV Day in mid June I want to use as an excuse to get some other stuff done out the leadpile.

The two unit leaders (I finished the left one in the first batch)

Two Duros Troopers not sure which blue skin I prefer. But tried to make them different tones.

Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon Troopers main staple weapon of Rebel Infantry Squads. I made perhaps the error of doing the right hand one with a pale sand jacket when his gloves also need to be pale sand to match the squad.
MPL-57 Troopers (anti armour weapons.) I convert the left one slightly by just repostioning the head. I think it works ok.

First Rebel Squad. These guys have pale sand gloves/Padding on the Duros and the ochre helmet band. 

Second squad green helmet bands to match the uniforms and ochre gloves and padding on the Duros.

All my  Rebel minis painted so far. Two Core units. One Special Forces and Commander and Operatives. I still need one more Core unit but don't fancy more Rebel Infantry purely for variety reasons. I think I may go down the 3D print route for more of those or at least invest in some alternative heads for them. I am tempted by Fleet Troopers I think most of all.


Monday 10 May 2021

Star Wars Legion K2S0


Finally got my new work phone so catching up with photos of stuff finished and getting them posted. Here we have K2S0 reprogrammed Imperial Droid serving with Cassian Andor. Love the character of this droid such humor in Rogue One as well. I am excited for the Cassian Series they are doing on Disney Plus. K2S0 still needs the markings for his shoulders they are on there way after the seller resent them as they must of got lost from when I ordered them in January!