Friday 3 December 2021

Darley Dales Wargaming 7TV Post Apocalypse Event

Hello folks had hoped to write this up last week but real life had other ideas! So apologies to those who attended if this is a little off lol!

So Sunday 21st November saw the Darley Dales Wargaming club put on a 7TV day event at the Whitworth Centre in Matlock. Its a fab little gaming club, the centre where it is held on one Sunday of the month is a nice little venue, It has parking at £2 for the day but you get some sort of discount if you also purchase items from the onsite cafe. We were in the swimming room again which is a nice wooden decked out spacious hall. With really good lighting. James Aldridge organised the event and put on a bunch of tables for folks to play on alongside a few people who were bringing there own.

As this was a Post Apocalypse Vehicle event one of the stipulations was that people brought along at least one vehicle in their casts. I must admit I hadn't used the printed rules since participating in the play test over at Foundry a few years back so had to do some reading up before and on how vehicles operate as in normal 7TV they are more of a delivery system than anything else. There was still some book flicking on the day. More to understand the order/sequence of things than anything else. This did lead to the first game lasting nearly 3 hrs and the second one around 2 hrs! So we only managed two games on the day. James had planned for a grand finale however due to time constraints we never managed it.

These setups were all provided by James. A lot less scatter than normal but more friendly to vehicles whizzing around the board.

A couple of the spare crews for people to borrow.

Game 1

My first game was again Paul whom I had known from the 7TV Facebook group and having seen his work on the Lead Adventure Forums. This table was his own board based around the compound on from the Road Warrior movie. It was an absolute joy to play on and had so many nice touches from the tyre forts with weaponry on the bus gate as well the gantries, derrick and pipeline. It was a perfect setup for us with myself bringing the Lord Humungus and Wes and Paul bringing Max, Warrior Woman, and Pappagallo in a huge tanker!

The board pictured below we deployed in opposite corners, We spread out the objectives at various points with the Maguffin being up on the gantry in the centre of the board. 

Having abandoned the compound the Lord Humungus races to seize control, whilst Pappagallo realises he forgot to set the timer on the explosives and heads back in the tanker!

Engines revving the Lord Humungus and his war party speeds towards the compound.

The Tanker being chased by Max's dog

The tanker speeds in from the West

The Lord Humungus from the East

Lord Humungus speeds into the centre of the compound but is going to fast to stop

A marauder disembarks to seize control of the gate. But in a filming blip is found on the other side of the compound and Max's dog is now chasing the Marauder truck.

The Tanker comes whizzing in to the compound and the marauders truck begins to attack it.

Lord Humungus slows to a stop and Wes and a wrecker disembark a marauder is gunned down off of the back of the wartruck as Warrior Woman uses a grapnel to get onto the gantry and set the explosives timer.

The Loan marauder takes control of the weapon station

Max's dog sniffs out some useful loot that was left behind.

The Feral kid leaps off the truck and picks up his music box that he had forgotten to pack!

Bullets and bolts fly between the tanker and the watruck damaging both vehicles.

Bullets and arrows fly towards the Wartruck, Injuring the wrecker and Wes and damaging the Wartruck

Max's dog tries to sneak around the back of the Lord Humungus but is brought down with a swift bolt from the marauder over on the Eastern side

Seizing the moment the tankers occupants let fly with everything (stole the scene) exploding the wartruck and killing Wes the wrecker leaving the Lord Humungus wounded and stunned on the ground.

The Lord Humungus is struck by another arrow from Warrior woman finally killing him. In the background the Marauder truck rams the tanker and the pyro pours flames onto its occupants setting many small fires onboard and many members of the crew alight. A gas tank explodes blowing up the marauder truck. Causing a chain reaction and which also triggers the tankers fuel tanks also blowing it up and ending the game.

Paul's brilliant tanker and cast.

This has to of been my most favourite and memorable game of 7TV I've ever played. The Casts were perfectly themed for the match up and we both played the game like it was the Road Warrior itself. We tallied up the points and Paul having wiped out my cast and grabbed most of the objectives came out the victor with a massive 9-1 win. I am claiming a moral victory though as I managed to take the tanker out before being axed. LOL!

Game 2 

My second game was against Kieron and his Joker themed gang. We play one a slightly smaller board hoping it would be a quicker game. Set on a abandoned military base

The Joker and most his goons arrive in the area in their van

A Joker bugger scouts out the ruins

Harley intrigued by the big boat proceeds to investigate.

The Lord Humungus and his posse enter the military zone from the opposite side

Gunning the engine the Marauder trucks rams straight into the Joker van causing some damage to it whilst the pyro attempts to set it on fire. The Jokers goons respond with petrol bombs and an explosive lance.

One of the goons creeps past the fight but slips on a banana skin or something as he about to pick up some loot.

Jokers goons board the Marauder truck and big scrap ensues inside the vehicle

The Joker buggy comes speeding across the base skidding round and pouring machine gun fire in to Lord Humungus's Wartruck. Humungus uses his high calibre pistol putting some holes through the buggy.

The clowns are no match for Humungus's leather clad savages and they are steadily brought down one by one. The Pyro succumbs to another explosive lance thrown from the van.

The wartruck throws itself into reverse.

Allowing the Lord Humungus to speed in ramming the van and wrecking it.

More machinegun fire damages the truck, shots are exchanged between the Joker and Wes

Screaming  with his butt out Wes shocks the Joker and his crew and they are unable to press home their attack on him (Diva Countdown card lol)

The Marauder Truck speeds into the Joker buggy wrecking it and killing both its crew.

Harley skulks around collecting items of interest for her 'Puddin'

The Clown leader climbs to the top of the cargo containers finding some loot but manages to set himself on fire and then fall to his death

The Joker deciding enough is enough 

Kieron's excellent BMG Crew once again sees the tabletop in 7TV :)

Despite axing Kieron's crew it was a narrow draw 6-5 to him as Harley had been skulking around collecting loot.

By this time it was 4pm so we packed up and called it a day as we didn't have time to setup and run the chaotic multiplayer game which was a shame as it sounded like it was going to be fun. All in all I really like the vehicle rules it really does capture the type of genre its trying to impersonate on the table top.