Friday, 31 January 2014

Across The Dead Earth: Upcoming game/Kick starter

Its been bought to my attention lately through facebook of an upcoming game called Across The Dead Earth. Its a post apocalyptic skirmish game set mainly set in the UK and even has zombies in it. There will be multiple themed factions in to.

The background is awesome, the artwork is brilliant and the first few figures have been sculpted by Andrew May in preparation for the kickstarter on the 1st March. Its got me pretty excited so much so when the guys behind it all asked for help on there facebook page to review/testing the beta rules I jumped at the chance!

 I received them Wednesday night from Richard and currently in the process of reading them through. I'm hoping to have a game or two of these beta rules next week and I'll do a post about them then. In the meantime here are some pics of the concept art and the first 3 sculpts.

Ronnie - leader of the Red Claw Gang.

Fatboy, the Red Claw Gang's one man assault squad.

Crimson - Mercenary

Reggie - the latest and youngest member of The Family

Here are the first 3 sculpts done by the very talented Andrew May of Statuesque and Meridian Miniatures.


Fatboy now with RPG!


For more info and some fantastic background check out the Dead Earth website and don't forget to like and share there facebook page both links below.

Link to an Interview on Hitting on a Double 1


  1. Very nice models , with great details .
    Cheers .

  2. I am kick-startered out. It looks like a good project and I wish it well. But no more kickstarters for me. I find if a project does get funded I can get the items I would want anyway from eBay cheaper then getting them on a Kick starter. Maybe I am just cynical. As I said I do wish them well and would like to see them succeed it's just that kickstarters are not the way for me to spend my money.

    1. Fair point. This I think will be a small ish one with only a small outlay for the first two factions from what I've read. They'll also be metal figures as well none of the plastics or restic stuff that seems to be coming out lately.

      I get what your saying completely I think the big boys keep using it to produce stuff has soured the waters some what.

    2. While not for me I have sent the link to a friend who might like it.

  3. Damn fine sculpts, the guy with the crossbow is amazing

  4. They look cool, but sadly I won't be able to back it. Hopefully it will get into production so I can get thier stuff in future.

  5. we do love them apocalyptic!

  6. The greens do look very good.

  7. Very nice Simon. Have you been hacking my draft blog post for this :-)

  8. I do love Andrew May's work, but I've already got so much to paint. I think I'll be giving this one a miss, though I wish it all success.

  9. This looks very interesting thanks Simon

  10. Looks great, wonder who they modelled the Fatboy figure on.......Fran?

  11. I just love that first picture with the overgrown town. Stunning and still a goal for my board SOME DAY.

  12. This is rather cruel first Scott gets me back into LOTR now you're trying to get ma back into post Apocalyptic gaming. You evil man.