Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Liebster Award

Having received two nominations I may as well crack on with it lol and get it done!

So having received a nomination both  from Finch and Inso (Click the names for links) I shall combine the two and answer both sets of questions in the same post from both the guys.

For more info on the Liebster award it can be found here.

Rules are
State 11 truths about yourself
Answer the 11 questions sent by the nominee
Choose 11 questions yourself
Nominate 11 others

My Eleven Truths

1,I had a nick name of Squint as a kid which comes from my name S Quinton

2, Brummie as a nickname came about from computer gaming my original nickname was 'Moose' but I joined a clan that already had a far older member with the same name so I had to pick a new one.

3, I Live in Birmingham.

4, I love reading books.

5, My Favourite food is Chilli Con Carne.

6, I am an Aethist.

7, I enjoy listening to Queen and Greenday.

8, I have a Beautiful Fiancée and two Beautiful girls aged 6 and 4 .

9, I hated lessons at high school with a passion.

10, I had a crush on Jet from the Gladiator's tv series as a teenager.

11, I'm a sucker for animated movies especially the Tinkerbell movies.

Finch's 11 Questions

What was the last book you've read?
The Death of Grass by Christoper John 

How did you first get into the hobby?
Hmm received Heroquest for Christmas but properly got into the hobby after buying white Dwarf issue 151 and being fascinated with the Epic range got totally hooked from there then.
Would you say you are more a painter or gamer and why?
Currently a Painter but eventually want it to be an even mix of both!
Who is your favorite miniature sculptor? 
Hmm tricky far to many to choose from! Ian Mountain or Kev White
Who is your favorite painter and would you like to emulate their style?
Not really into following whose who in miniature painting it would have to be Jen Haley. I don't think I'll ever be that good but I do love her work.
Do you have a comfort zone in painting technique or colors that you tend to fall back on?
Probably blue or Denim I always end up doing this colour on figures quite regularly for some reason

Do you like to have the right atmosphere when painting; music, movies, quiet?
I have be not tired or unwell and enjoy catching up on films/tv series that are related to what I'm painting.

Buyer's remorse. What recent hobby purchase do you most regret (if any)?
Nope I purchase my things after thinking about it and adding to the basket at least 20 times over a few months before finally buying them lol!

Would you rather burn everything you own, or keep everything you own but never gain anything for the rest of your life?
Assuming this is just physical possessions I'd burn them.

When you finally shuffle off this mortal coil, what would you like to happen to your hobby collection?
Inherited by my children

Peanut butter. Smooth or Crunchy?
Smooth I hate stuff with hard bits in

Inso's 11 Questions

1.  Why did you decide that wargaming was for you?
Never did have always enjoyed playing or role-playing with toy  soldiers since I was a small kid. You could say I never have grown up lol

2.  If you had to team up with a super hero, who would it be and what powers would you have to compliment their abilities?
It would have to be Ironman and I'd have similar suit

3.  What do you think is the cutest film creature (from a sci-fi/fantasy setting) and why?
It would have to be Gizmo from Gremlins such a funny amusing little character who you could not help but think is cute even as a mini Rambo!

4.  If you were sentenced to death by firing squad, who would you want staked out next to you and why?
The person who invented the Liebster award :P

5.  Zombies? In one sentence, explain why a rotten, animated corpse seems to be the coolest thing on the wargaming scene since... ever.
Zombies are just the greatest adversary slow, relentless and a reminder of yourself.

6.  If you had unlimited surplus cash and had to choose a single wargaming army, what would it be and for which rules/game?
Post Apocalypse because you can use pretty much anything you like and make it fit. Rules wise it would be the 7TV Action Engine as it can be adapted to pretty much any genre.

7.  If you lost everything apart from the clothes you are standing in... what would be the very first thing (after food/drink) that you would choose to obtain and why?
I guess somewhere to live or a job

8.  What is your favourite pet?
A Dog I don't think I could never not have one. They always give you there unconditional love.

9.  You are standing next to the director of a film that you really didn't like and were able to replace him in the director's chair. Which film would you choose to improve?
World War Z because it was nothing like the book it took its name from

10.  What do you think is the best wargaming genre and why?
Post Apocalyptic it is so diverse it in can be set medieval, sci-fi, near future any period in history really.

11.  Who would you choose to write your epitaph and why?
Terry Pratchett as it would be so amusing!

My 11 Questions

1, What is your worst habit?
2, What is your Favourite Food?
3, Name A book that you've read more than once and why?
4, What's been your best war gaming moment?
5, What's been your worst war gaming moment?
6, Who is your book/movie/game character and why?
7, If you were deserted on an island if you could one companion, who would it be?
8, What is your favourite all time movie?
9, If there was any one activity you've always wanted to do but never got around to doing what would it be?
10, Where is your favourite holiday destination?
11, What is your favourite colour? (yep couldn't think of the last question lol)

My 11 Victims......I mean er Nominees

Mathyoo of The Necroleadicon
Zabadak of Zabadaks ZombieWorld 
Clint of Anything But a One
Colgar6 of Colgar6 and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers
Panzerkaput of Panzerkaputs Painted Review
Carl Packham of Hitting on a Double 1
Pulp Citizen of Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer
Ironmonk of Zed Storm Rising
Lord Siwoc of Brains and Guts
Robert Audin of Fiends in Waistcoats
Kaspar Oelson of London by Midnight


  1. Kindly select another Victim. I will not be taking part. Which takes nothing away from you Brummie but just that I am a miserable Git.

    1. Awww you spoil sport Clint!

    2. I will happily answer your 11 Questions, but as an award I think the whole thing a bit naff. It really is just a way of promoting that guys blog by means of a pyramid expansion.

      1 on a Rainy holiday in Devon as a kid my Father bought me an airfix fort with 2 packs of soldiers, We played all that day on the carpet of a guest house. My father was a professional musician and he was away a lot of my younger years. So wargaming became a way of being close to him.

      2 Favourite food? I think Chocolate and Lemonade, mostly for reasons concerning question 1 above.

      3 A book read more than one. Sorry nothing Cool and Trendy. "The history of Italian Renaissance Architecture" Just because it's fascinating.

      Best wargaming moment! Probably related to question 1 above.

      Worst wargaming moment. Cheating! Yes I did and it felt bad in a betrayal kind of way.

      Book movie Game Character. Unsure Perhaps Samwise Gamgee. He went on a death defying adventure out of loyalty and friendship not because he was expected to go.

      Single companion for a desert Island Probably my Father who's dead now But just to spend more time with him when he was alive.

      Favourite all time movie. Tough one. I think "Aliens" as I worked on it (only 1 day but it all counts)

      One Activity always wanted to do. Die a peaceful death having lead a virtuous life.

      Favourite Holiday destination: VENICE

      Favourite colour. Probably deep blue or Jade Green.

      I hope that answers all you questions. Cheers Clint

    3. opps sory Missed out worst habit.... Procrastination!

    4. Great answers and thanks for partially taking part its all just a bit of fun really :)

  2. Epic lured me in too and I still have some of the buggers around here somewhere, great answers and questions as well Simon.

    1. Thanks it was the Dam land trains and Squat bikes/trikes that did. Oh yes and a little pack of Ork Wartracks I bought.

  3. Bugger...... I think I will turn this around a bit. Make a blogpost where people can ask me questions that I have to answer.

    11 people is a bit too much in my opinion. Sorry mate.

    I do love a lot of the answer you did.

    1. Awww you spoil sport milord. No Guts No Glory!

  4. Jet from Gladiators, mmmm......... :-)

  5. Congratulations....Jet!! *drools*

  6. Thanks for the nomination. Will get on and sort a post out in reply.

  7. Nice answers dude, Jet rocks as does Tinkerbell.

  8. Nice job and some interesting links too :)

    1. Thanks for the nomination it was quite fun despite taxing on the old grey matter think if questions to ask others lol

  9. Excellent answers and questions. I had a crush on Jet in my thirties! My wife bought me the plastic action figure of her which I still have in my study!

    1. Sweet I'd of lost it by now lol! The kids would of stolen it and dressed it up. I've lost Darth Maul somewhere!

  10. Your answer to Inso's question #4 cracked me up.

    1. Lol its took me all week to think of answers and new questions.

  11. That's a very good response, Simon, and i totally agree with many of your answers. Good calls on Gizmo, Jet and on wanting to remake World War Z

    1. Thanks WWZ I only got as far as escaping from Israel I just turned it off after that. I couldn't get attached to any of the characters in the film and wanted them to survive like you can in most films.

  12. Thanks for the nomination (I think...). I'll get on a post soon-ish. : )

  13. What the Devil! Er... thanks, interesting answers.

    1. Thank you good sir shall look forward to seeing your post my good man!

  14. Hah, I'll pass as well, but thanks for nominating me :D. I'm not sure I can find 11 people that haven't been nominated yet, let alone figure 11 questions.
    I will go a step further than Clint and answer YOUR 11 questions, hi hi hi.

    1, What is your worst habit?
    People say I can be annoying :(
    2, What is your Favourite Food?
    Something grilled!
    3, Name A book that you've read more than once and why?
    Most of nice French (not in French!) books about history:
    I've had them for over 10 years now and they got a lot of pictures :3
    4, What's been your best war gaming moment?
    It's always nice to win a losing battle.
    5, What's been your worst war gaming moment?
    I played a game of FOW that lasted my enemy's 1st turn and then ended. :D
    6, Who is your book/movie/game character and why?
    Indiana Jones: adventurer, archeologist, has a hat, has a whip, has a pistol. Nazis - he hates those guys.
    7, If you were deserted on an island if you could one companion, who would it be?
    Hmm...a wish granting something? :D
    8, What is your favourite all time movie?
    Again, Indiana Jones. I wonder how I don't have a miniature of him yet.
    9, If there was any one activity you've always wanted to do but never got around to doing what would it be?
    I've always wanted to try that "mini zorbing" where you get into a ball, but your legs stick out. That sounds like fun :D.
    10, Where is your favourite holiday destination?
    I'm not too picky, I don't even need a beach.
    11, What is your favourite colour? (yep couldn't think of the last question lol)
    Who has a favorite colour? :D Yellow is nice, I suppose :D.

  15. Congratulations that man! Some wonderful answers to boot.

  16. Thanks for the nomination Brummie, but I'll be taking the 5th (as our friends across the pond say); I was given this award two years ago and didn't understand it then either but unlike Clint I don't think it's some form of Ponzi scheme.

  17. Simon; sorry I didn't follow up on this.

    Thanks for the kind award, but I have been so swamped it was something I could not find time for. :)