Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tuesday's Across the Dead Earth Game Report Part 2

The Action Continues in Part 2 of last weeks Four way slog of Across the Dead Earth. Apologies it took me a little bit longer to get part 2 written up. PART 1 Click the Link.

Beanie moves up and heals Jade. Only for Fatboy to advance and cop them all with a Rocket Propelled Grenade taking my all 3 gang members down!
Johnny Stomp is blasted twice at close range with Ezra's shotgun remvoving him from play.

Ronnie legs it to the other side of the car from Reggie and blasts away with his SMG but the shots go wild. Reggie opens up and blast Ronnie onto his back.

Crimson clears the jam in her rifle and advances to her stricken colleagues and snipes Pyro through the window knocking him out.

Shayman moves to the top of the stairs and blasts Skylar with his shotgun taking her our of the fight.
(Skelch does love his laser devices...)

Reggie blazes away at Ronnie lying prone on the floor the second burst of bullets taking him out.

Beanie Heals himself (Physcian Heal Thyself Skill) and gets up only for two more RPGS rounds scream out of the ruins and taking them all out of play!
Ezra snags the loot dropped by Johnny and he moves off up the street towards the prone Adam.

Shayman then blasts Eli with his shotgun remving him from the battle.

Reggie snags the loot dropped by Ronnie and drags Adam closer to the car to give him some cover.

Crimson moves in for the kill and slits Pyro throat rifling his pockets for a bit of extra loot in the process.

Adam rolls for recovery but fluffs his roll and is removed from play. Should of waited for the medic!

Crimson takes out Topper with a head Shot removing him from play (Double 6 to hit with the Head Shot Skill)

Shrimp and Shayman come downstairs and give Crimson some lead taking her down.

Reggie heads up into the Rotunda in search of loot.

Shrimp moves over to Crimson and her axe is descends removing her from play.

Ezra prepares to climb the church tower to get the loot at the top.

Ezra spends the whole turn climbing a rope to the top but snags some more loot.

Reggie clambers up and snags another loot counter for the family.

Shayman comes a hunting catching Reggie before he can escape the Rotunda.

Shrimp catch Ezra's as he comes down from the top of the church tower taking him down.
The Family is wiped out. Fatboy leaves the table with the loot he could carry.

Totting up the loot and kills its pretty close but Skelch wins 120pts to Rich's 80pts!

Red Claw's win!

As you can see I made some bad calls this game group my gang together when someone was lurking with an RPG being the biggy!


  1. Great report. The table looks fantastic!

  2. Cool Batrep and awesome to see more of that table too Simon. That Rotunda section is a joy to behold

    1. Thanks Ad. The Rotunda is one ace piece of scenery.

  3. Excellent terrain and report Simon

  4. Nice conclusion dude. Great batrep, Epic table.

  5. Great report, I cant say enough good things about the terrain. And the Photos are great mate

  6. That looks stunning Simon, really impressive Sir.

  7. Boom headshot! Very cool indeed!

    And seems you all had a great game!

    1. Headshot indeed! Both the Brothers one after the other.

  8. I fall deeper in love with this table the more I see it. Good report I gives me an idea of how the game plays. Is there a campaign system with this game?

    1. Yes as the gang earn loot it can be spent on more weapons, skill upgrades for your gang members as well as a rare item chart for things like gunsights and different types of grenade.

    2. Indeed! There is also a map campaign system for linking the games thematically and not just playing unconnected games with persistent gangs. There WILL also be narrative campaigns one day, but these require a lot of writing and playtesting.

  9. Great battle report. The board looks better every time I see it.

  10. A nice report sir. Makes me wonder how common RPG rounds are though. Clearly they are devastating but once you have a weapon of this magnitude is ammo management an issue? It could always be a scenario in its own right though. Thanks Brum.

    1. The rule for heavier weapons came after the first draft and are still being tweaked. At the moment we're trying them out with various different things and seeing how it works.

  11. Wonderfully atmospheric looking board there adna great little report too.