Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wargamer and Who you gonna call?

Not much to show as we reach the halfway point of this week. Feeling much better after last weeks event. Went to the Wargamer show Sunday accompanied by the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen and managed to snag up some bargains.

Managed to snag £27 worth of Crooked Dice minions for the bargain price of £8.50 from Colonel Bills stand.

Minion Commander and Administrator
2 Minions with Batons
2 Rifle Minions
Minon with flame thrower and technician

I also picked up some Across the Dead Earth Mercenaries from Robert on his 7th Heaven Games Stand.

Also a Shadowforge Juliana Jones for a £1 off one of the second hand stands :)

Finally Ainsty Castings had 30% Crooked Dice stuff so took up the opportunity and picked up the Paranormal Investigator 1&2 packs. These have accelerated up the paint queue as my daughter wants to play a game with them and is going to paint slimer. So this week has been about cleaning them and getting them based.

Currently they are like this awaiting to be primed :)

Did it a bit of shopping with the last of my birthday cash from October and these arrived in the post this week as well. They are from Akula's Apocalypse Isle range you can only order them via email. But Matt is spot on and these were turned around in a week from asking about prices to payment and receiving them.

The one on the left is Geronimo sculpted by Kev White and I believe themed by Ian Brumby of Fenris games. I spotted the green on Kev's Hasslefriesian facebook page which at the time seemed like it was to be a gift for a friend. I spotted this the other day on lead adventure on Akula's thread so just had to order it. I quite like Shane Hoyle's sculpts (Did the Westfalia Wasteland figures i've been painting) so picked up the first Pirate pack  thinking they would make good survivor or post apoc figs. I'm really pleased with them and I'm thinking of doing some sort of Canal Pirates for Across the Dead Earth with them once I've sort a couple more figs to go with them.

I may pick up the Armed Civilians as well as they are lovely looking sculpts.


  1. An absolutely cracking array of minis Simon. I'm looking forward to seeing these given a lick of paint, especially the Ghostbusters and Geronimo. Great minis which should really suit your painting style :-)

  2. I agree with Simon, above. A great haul of figures that I'm sure you'll paint so well.

  3. Very nice selection there. Lots of character and interesting little details.

    Ghostbusters though, is fricken brilliant.

  4. An awesome haul dude! Looking forward to your treatment of them.

  5. I am a little jealous, but at least the CD figures went to someone worthy! Just "Drat it was not me!" A great haul all round.

  6. Nice figs, I love the shadow forge minis, I have lots inc Juliana Jones which is a cracker!

  7. Great to hear that you are feeling better Simon, you had us worried there for a bit! Great haul and I have the 'Busters' on my Christmas list, I wonder if I will get lucky?

  8. Wow, nice finds! Crooked Dice minis at 30% off and more - I'd buy pretty much anything of theirs for that.

  9. Great looking minis. Looking forward to getting my hands on my own Crooked Dice minis in the new year once the pre order ships.

    I should get my AtDE mercs out and get them painted up at some stage too.

  10. Ooooh very nice! That should keep you busy with painting through christmas?

  11. Great haul and at bargainprices - what's not to like ?

  12. Thanks for the links, Simon. There's a boatload of eyecandy on the Hasselfriesian page. A very cool sculpt, that Geronimo.

  13. That will keep you busy for a while. Nice haul.
    How are you feeling?

  14. There is no better motivation to get the paint job done than having a young one wanting to have a game with the painted minis. ^_^