Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 A Summary

Its been a fab year with a few little hiccups along the way but mostly great. 
It saw a cull midway through the year of some projects that have stalled and been dead ended for to long. This has allowed me to focus on my main projects Post Apocalypse and 7TV. As well as progress on some smaller projects such as Batman and Relics (well 1 out of 3 armies painted for Relics)

So a recap of the year


The Siren's for Across the Dead Earth


A Large chunk of my Britanan Force finished


Herbivore Mutt for S.D.Z.A

Mounted Reinforcements for my Britanan's


Crooked Dice Pandora King

Post Apoc terrain in the form of a base camp.

Killer B games Henchmen

Reaper's Agatha Fox

Nexus Miniatures Mercs 1 set

Batman Thugs

Pulp City's Dr Mercury

Killer B Games TNT Thompson

Across the Dead Earth's Engineers F.E.S

The Penguin, Titan Thug and Penguin Emperor brings the gang upto 5

JuneEast Street Games Cop and Cop Zombie

Killer B Games MJ-12 Agent

Hellesburne Swordsmen unit for The Shattered Crown

Hasslefree Ekaterina as a Vault Dweller

Wreck Age Drifter Leader and Staker Outrider

Grenadier Scavenger Ironbar


Sire Bilge the Banished Knight Relics Mercenary.

Grenadier Scavenger Fatboy

Foundry Wargames Street Violence Scabies Punk.

Thunderchild miniatures Creature Feature Comforts and Radioactive refreshments

This was a quiet month though I did go on holiday and marry the love of my life!

Couple more Penguin Crew additions 

Hansa Nairoba from Gates of Antares for Necromunda


September was a very busy month no hobby stuff took place with kids settling into new school year and nursing a poorly dog.


Sadly lost my Morgan in October. I did manage to do a few bits for Zomtober.

Brandon and Morgan both in trying out their Wedding Day out fits

Studio miniatures Crawler

Studio Miniatures Sister and Zombie Sister

Mr Freeze and Shotgun thug join my Penguin Crew


Quite a productive month but randomly so!

Gamefunder Exclusive Banished Knight mercenary for Relics

SMG Thug joins the Penguin Crew

Golgo Satana by Statuesque Miniatures

Crackpot Inventor by Crooked Dice

Tomorrow Person by Crooked Dice

American Agents by Nexus miniatures.

Ms Lovely Day by Crooked Dice

Raider by Westfalia Miniatures (KS only)

Strange month had my visit to A&E and done a few bits of scenery but thats pretty much it. Oh and who can forget the new arrival Alfie!

Westfalia miniatures Raider (KS only)

Mars Attacks Scatter Terrain.

Alfie of Course!

Despite a few quiet months I have surprised myself with quite a productive year.

87 Miniatures painted and 14 Terrain pieces

Quite a decent mixture as well.

Post apocalypse 26 miniatures
Relics 26 miniatures
7TV 12 miniatures
Batman/Pulp City 11 miniatures
Fantasy 12 miniatures
Terrain 14 pieces

Plans for this year are pretty much more of the same. Though I hope to get some Relics games in and paint a second army for it to play with Pulp Citizen. I am going to try and be good now until March and just paint what I have until then.


  1. Quite an achievement, seeing them together like this shows how well painted they all are. I hope you can keep it up this Year too.
    Great post!

    1. Thank you very kindly. It surprised me creating this post last week how many there actually were finished I felt there was far less!

  2. Most impressive job, love the Post Apoc terrain especially...Best wishes!

    1. Why thank you Phil. I really must put more effort in on the terrain front. I find it daunting but yet enjoy the results I must be firmer in 2016!

  3. Well done on quite the impressive list!

  4. What a year for you awesome miniatures and stuff Simon, your painting is superb and love the whole collection. have great 2016

    1. Thanks fella. I still admire your output though mate!

  5. Marvellous output for the year, Simon. Both in quantity and quality. Certainly your postings have been inspirational me, if not a little expensive form time to time (when you've encouraged me to pick up a parcel of minis myself!!). Looking forward to this year's miniatures enormously :-)

    1. Thanks mate I'm hoping its been a good influence :P Ha its an expensive hobby for us all! I've only really sold stuff to by stuff in the last half of 2016 :)

  6. Great retrospective mate, and like Blaxkleric says, marvellous output for the year.

    Kudos mate, and looking forward to seeing what you do in the year ahead. :)

  7. Nice round up. An eventful year.

  8. You've certainly had a great year, Simon, with so much to be proud of. Just keep up the good work for 2016.

  9. A great recap of a productive year, Simon. Golgo Satana jumped out at me while scrolling through the pics. Beyond that there's just too much cool stuff to list.

    Well done & keep it rolling in 2016.

    1. Cheers dude! Yeah one of my favourites I think! I plan to!

  10. Hooray for the wedding :) I still remember it!

  11. The minis all look great, but my favorite photo is the one of you and your bride - finally have a face to put to all the minis.

  12. Wow, that's quite the list of impressive looking mini's! Definitely inspires me to try and paint more :-) Looking forward to seeing what you get up in 2016.

  13. Alfie is Flippin gorgeous. A good addition to your family.

    A good load of work for the year sir, very well done!

  14. You have realy made some stuning minis this year ... great work!

  15. That's not a bad haul at all.
    Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings.

  16. You've certainly had a brilliant year Simon, it has been an absolute delight to see you collection grow - here's to 2016!

  17. You've had a very productive year and you got married too!

    1. Yes it turned out that way. I must remember to go back and compare it to previous years!

  18. It's interesting to see all of last year's output in one place, isn't it? I don't think I'd dare do it myself because I'd then realise all the things I had been putting off and had failed to achieve for yet another 12 months!

    1. No its not called putting off its called prioritising :) For example I have painted a single Necromunda figure.....................

  19. Great review, well done. HNY.

  20. A very productive year. Congratulations on the nuptials most of all. Happy New Year.

  21. Some great minis and smooth paint jobs there. I think if I had to chose a favourite, it'd be Golgo Satana. Here's to a productive 2016!

    1. Cheers Derek! Yes indeed one of my favourites!

  22. Great stuff Simon. Keep up the good work in 2016, love reading your blog!

  23. A fantastically productive year indeed!

    Super congratulations on getting married and heartfelt condolences on your loss of Morgan. Definitely the good with bad.

    Thanks for keeping on doing what you do!