Saturday, 19 October 2019

Here's Negan Laura and Dwight Zomtober Week 3

Been a busy week. Had hoped to make more progress with my Walking Dead Pile. I still got the next two Saviours finished Laura and probably my favourite out of them all Dwight. Laura I have tried something a bit different with her skin tone. Aiming for a much paler complexion to my normal skin tones I am quite pleased with how she turned out. I am not sure how often I will do it as it seem very pale whilst building up the layers.

Dwight I had finished first out of these pair but then realised as I got to the story arc in the comics that he had Tattoos on his arms! So I quickly re did his arms adding some sort of tribal marking son them. I was tempted to go with a black waist coat but figured it would make him look to much like Daryll. I imagine when they release a set of Saviours in the future that we will get the scarred version of Dwight that we know from the comics and tv series.

All of the Characters from Here's Negan Completed.

I haven't gotten around to cleaning all the walkers up from Here's Negan so they will bea future project. I have decided to try and get a couple of my boosters done. Picking out the Morgan, Tyresse and Abraham sets to get finished. Abraham's booster will be an easy one as there is only him and a guy called Judd in it. I also had some spare putty left over so based Brian Blake and the 5 Walkers from the Prelude to Woodbury starter.

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  1. More Zomtober goodness, Simon. It certainly looks like you've the bit between your teeth with TWD currently. Keep going mate :-)

  2. Two more great models Simon, the group shot looks fantastic

  3. Nice work. You'll have to do a Here's Negan game report now.

  4. Great pastel shade on Dwight and good call not going with a black waistcoat.
    The Group shot is much appreciated

  5. Great paint work Brummie. That pale skin tone works well.

  6. More excellently painted figures Simon. These sure are nice poses! Ughh...tattoos. I still use old Tamiya Japanese text for mine as my freehand stuff with things like Logos & such isn't very good! Your getting a nice selection finished!

  7. Great stuff Simon! You absolutely knocked right through that entire Negan set, well done 😀

  8. Fierce looking characters, Simon The tattoos look great too.

  9. Looking good indeed. The group shot is fantastic

  10. Good natural schemes on these. Love the tat's too mate.

  11. She looks great. And I agree with Suber about the group shot. Fantastic!

  12. Brilliant work Simon, they look fantastic together.