Saturday, 18 September 2021

Kitbash Games Pulp War 35! kickstarter


Kitbash Games has launched a Kickstarter for its new range of 1/35 scale pulp-influenced Weird War II miniatures - Pulp War 35!

Link to the campaign (click for link).

The campaign has now unlocked 5 characters with more 

Pulp War is a digitally sculpted range of 1/35 scale Weird War miniatures which will be cast in high quality resin.

For gamers, there is a free set of alpha version, 'no frills' rules to use if you don't have a preferred set already! You can find the rules here: click for link

Please join us and make yours Pulp War 35!


  1. Wooow! Excellent line of pulp miniatures!

  2. I was close to supporting this, but then looking at the scale...well its kind of like the whole Star Wars Legion / Imperial Assault dilemma....sure I could scale them down, but I wonder about the intent of moving to these odd scales. Of course they would go well with all those Dragon WW2 figure sets I still have stashed away.