Thursday, 11 August 2022

Otherworld Goblins and Crooked Dice Ettin

Apologies life has been just super busy of late so the blog has gone the back burner a bit. I went to the 7TV Fantasy event back in July over at Wargames Foundry and it was fantastic as usual! So good to see so many friends and play some casual games of 7TV. I managed to find enough time between things to get my goblin warband cast all finished off along with an Ettin (Ogre in the game). I'll try and get a write up on the blog with some of the pics. There were some amazing casts and boards all done to a fantastic standard.

Otherworld Miniatures Chieftain.

Otherworld Miniatures Shaman

Otherworld Miniatures Goblin Archers

Otherworld Miniatures Goblin Sub Chief

Crooked Dice Ettin (Resin)

The Complete Warband I took on the day. There were another 7 Goblins at one point but I change my mind and chose another co star instead as I didn't fancy moving around that many figures. Overall they did quite well. I'll do a more thorough write up in the coming weeks.

The 40 Rating Cast was below.

Wolfish Warlord
Vicious Henchman
Tormented Seer
Goblin King
6x Goblin Warriors
2x Goblin Sneaks (archers)

There are quite a few 7TV events coming up.

7TV Pulp at Board in Brum (Walsall) in September 
Everything is Better with Monkeys 17th September (Tabletop Republic in High Wycombe)
Doctor Who Day 2022 26th November (Lenton, Nottingham)
Bears Army 7TV Toy Drive (Charity Event in Stoke on Trent) 3rd December



  1. Fantastic looking cast Simon, the Ettin added another element with skintone and size, so a great choice. Look forward to reading all about the day.

  2. That's looking Simon!
    I will ask you for advice.
    I would like to create a collection of animal adventurers - which manufacturer do you recommend?

    1. Thanks Michal! Without a doubt I would go for Oathsworn miniatures. Sculpts are fantastic far better than any images on the website and service is superb!

  3. Oh, that's an awesome way to get the blog back on line!

  4. Great to hear that all is well if busy. Love this Warband Simon and looking forward to hearing how they got on in more detail.

    1. Thanks Michael! Yeah I need to make some more time for painting again. I've kind of got into a bit of a weird mood about it all.

  5. I did wonder if you made it to the event as there ws no report forthecoming, but pleased all is well.
    The cast looks great with the Ettin setting them off really well.

    1. Thank you Joe! Yeah Its just been a bit manic.

  6. 2 Heads are better than one, nice Ettin!

  7. Nice looking miniatures mate. Hoping to get at least one of the upcoming events.

  8. Tha tssems an awful lot for a crew, presumably it allows for some swaping of characters ?
    The whole group looks rather good though and the sculpts look very good too.

    1. Thanks Joe. It depends on what profiles you use. If I had taken less Co stars I can in theory take an extra 6 normal goblins for the cost of 1 Co Star. It gives me choice and for playing through some the campaigns that are in the works.