Thursday 15 September 2022

Board in Brum 7TV Pulp Day Part 1

Saturday 10th September saw Board in Brum hold a Pulp themed 7TV Day. It was a smaller event this time with only 8 of us in attendance. It was 40 ratings and we played the usual 3 games throughout the day with a chippy lunch and we all squeezed in with a mini game during lunch with a Co Star from each of our casts fighting for their life against waves of Zombies!

The Five boards that were pup up for the day.

Shaun Pike's most excellent Jade Pyramid (Zigguraut?)  board which included a playable interior! Myself and Shaun duelled with our Co Stars in the first game. More on that in the next blog post!

Tavis Hill won best board with this excellent monochrome Jungle Temple board which even had its own special effects! The Giant Ape temple periodically breathed out smoke! What lurks within its depths?

David Browns ruined factory board. This was a pretty good board to fight over and one I managed to get a game on.

I believe this was one of Simon Coldrick's instore boards. I played my third game on this one against Tavis and his Jungle Ape Cast.

My own humble board which I had brought along just in case it was needed. I have a bunch of ruins I need to get painted and I also picked up a big ruined building to add to this. I hope to have the ruined temple board done for January's event.

Simon Coldrick brought along his Flash Gordon and Dale Arden Cast.

Michael's Brilliant crime fighting cast!

Kirsten Hill had a marvellous Cthulhu themed cast with some superb gribblies and one that even had a glowing pulsing effect!

Some of K's marvellous maguffins!

Simon Clarke's Jungle Adventure cast including King Kong!

Tavis Hill brought along two Monochrome Casts. Some Dastardly Belgians and Heroic Jungle Paragon and her 

David Brown brought along his Rick Rhodes Radium Rangers cast. I do love the scheme on these. 

Shaun Pikes's Fu man chu cast.

My own cast. The Crew of the Lonely Matron. Captain McRolland in command.


  1. Fantastic looking boards and casts Simon, lots of very inventive use of models and scenery.

    1. Cheers Dave it was awesome to see all the fab casts everyone brought along!

  2. Great looking tables and crews, I particularly like the last two (yours included!). Looking forward to part 2 and a rundown on how the games went!

  3. Actually, make that the last THREE casts...the Radium Rangers are excellent, too!

    1. Thanks very much. The Radium Rangers and Scarlet pirates are awesome minis. I have them in my todo pile!

  4. Thanks. I think it was dry ice or something. I'll have to ask Tavis again what its called. It was very cool like something was breathing in and out.

  5. Everything's so cool! The boards are magnificent and the bands look gorgeous! :)

  6. Great looking bords and some very intersting casts, looking forward to the write-ups of your games.