Friday, 14 October 2022

Burrows and Badgers Who let the dogs out?

 So the previous weeks I've been working away getting some of my Burrows and Badgers minis done for The Redwall Abbey event I attended (and won yay!) on the first of October. I had already painted my Spaniel (Large Hound) and a Darksword Miniatures Schnauzer but need to get at least a band of five figures together alongside a couple of extras in case I was lucky in the post game phase and get some extra recruits.

So first up we have is the Collie (Massive Hound) your only allowed to recruit one of these in an all Hound warband. This is one of two versions that Oathsworn do. I opted for the Landsknecht Collie rather than the Bulldog knight as she mixes in better with my Spaniel and Feist miniatures. M'Lady is what I chose to name this one. I gave her Heavy Armour and a two handed weapon. I gave her the Zweihander skill which gives a strike bonus to her two handed sword. Hounds have Strong and Tough bonus meaning they do more damage and can reduce incoming damage. Combined with Heavy armour she is my main melee fighter a Talisman offers a bit of ablative protection.

Next up is the Feist (Large Hound) I love this mini not only its attire but the hunting hornet that it carries. There are experimental rules for the Hornets but in a starting warband 50 pennies for the Hornet is another warband member and starting equipment. Sadly I didn't earn enough spare pennies to get one!
This one I named Octavius the Red after his bright red cloak and hat and he leads the Scarlet Marauders. I gave him a Sword and Bow as equipment alongside Bodkin arrows (these ignore armour) and a Talisman for protection.

The Hornet is a bit of a tricky blighter to take pics of

Onto smaller members of the band we have Dug the Pug Thug (yeah I know but it got some good chuckles) I painted him up in studded leather armor. In game I just equipped him with a one hand weapon.

The final figure that I got finished is Smeagle the Beagle but sadly he didn't get chance to be used in a game (I recruited him right after the final game) Again I gave him a one handed weapon.

The whole band together alongside the Shrew Slave we recruited (Slaves are the only none Hound creatures I can recruit)


  1. Though not to my tastes, these weird and wonderful looking minis, do look great, helped, of course, by your great painting and colour choices.

  2. They look really great, I love the vibrant colurs and the charm they instil :)

  3. What Suber said ... the vibrant colors look good on the subject matter at hand!

  4. Gorgeous painting on some really characterful miniatures!
    Best Iain

  5. A really cool looking bunch! Like the others have said, those vibrant colours are so good.