Sunday, 16 March 2014

Across The Dead Earth Weekly Update

This week see it teetering on the edge of hitting Stretch Goal 1. The State Friday night saw a bumper update with more concept art for them.
 Jester the Leader.

 Squint and Siwoc

Skelch and Yoshi

Stretch Goal 2 Decision.
Voting for backers has now closed and it was quite tight in the end between Post Apoc themed Dogs, and The Sisters of Acquisition an all female themed gang. This will be an add in with the target being set at £9500

A Story including the Red Claw Gang.
Carrion Camping Short Story

Also a new factions background was added 'The Trader Guild' 

The Trade Guild.

Whereas The State consider themselves to be the authority in the F-UK, it’s the Guild of Traders, Trade Guild or simply The Guild, as they are variously known, whom most civilians rely upon. After civilisation and democracy fell in a single day, after the looting and the chaos, the fires, the murders, the suicides, it was the plucky self-proclaimed entrepreneurs who equipped themselves with rucksacks full of tins of dog food and set off to see how many bottles of beer they could swap them for that save the F-UK. With the eternal optimism of the salesman and a firm belief in capitalism, the early PLW (post Last-War) linked straggling survivor communities, spread news and delivered hope. The Gangs came, and travelling hundreds of miles of road alone with as large a supply of valuables as you could manage became untenable. And so the Traders, faced with death at the hands of brigands, thieves and cut-throats did what came naturally, and bartered. Hiring body-guards for a share of the profits worked out well for some traders (less well for others, who hired less patient gang members) and soon the need for escorts between settlements – but, of course, at the lowest possible cost, lead to alliances between traders who might require to stay in a settlement just reached for some time and another who was just leaving in the opposite direction. Thus the Guild was born. Nowadays few traders are non-guild affiliated, as the Guild has military weight to throw around, and likes to prove this point whenever one of its traders is robbed or murdered by finding the culprits sparing no expense in bribing locals in the process) and re-arranging their heads into kebab style ornaments for the nearest settlement. Seemingly, no-one REALLY know who runs the Guild, or where it is run from, as the head of the Guild is only ever referred to as the Treasurer, and their Headquarters as the Wharf.


  1. Lovely figurines i love Jester the leader .
    Cheers .

  2. Hmm, that Siwoc chappie seems familiar. Now where have I heard that name before? LoL!

  3. Like the background being created, the guild sound interesting. Really liked the short story. The state figures look pretty sweet too.

    1. The fiction on the site, the gang backgrounds are awesome. I quite like the idea suggested defending the Channel tunnel against Sollus

  4. The new leader model looks pretty cool

    1. Wasn't what I was expecting but I think he looks great none the less. The face reminds me of Arnold Vosloo

  5. Replies
    1. The fiction is great. Looking forward to reading more of it as the game expands.