Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sister's of Acquisition first sketch has appeared.

First sightings of the Sisters of Acquisition have made an appearance. I love both sketches but Sister Sledgehammer looks like she means business!

The Sisters of Acquisition

Mother “Bloody” Mary

Mary founded the Sisters of Acquisition from perhaps unlikely beginnings: a brothel. Whilst working in the oldest profession, one both profitable and in high demand across the Dead Earth, Mary was frequently asked by her clientele to acquire other pleasures, cigarettes and cigars, wine, whisky and liquors, instruments for binding and even torture…
…Mary became an expert in the acquisition of rare and exotic “loot” and left her former profession behind, although some say she is not averse to relying on certain tricks of that trade to get what she wants. And Bloody Mary always gets what she wants. The Sisters of Acquisition now work as privateers, tomb raiders and bounty hunters under Mary.

Leader, Hand-Canon, Whip

Cara Loft

A born adventurer and thrill seeker, Cara shuns the affections of others in search of glory and loot. Running into Mary as competition when searching for artwork in the ruined London museums, the two formed an uneasy alliance for their mutual gain. Cara is fit and athletic, able to leap and bound across ruins with ease.

Scout, Pistols, Machete, Whip, Grenade

One-Eyed Sister Sue

One-Eyed Sue gained her moniker and lost her eye to a drunk and abusive “suitor”, who shortly after lost his ability to “suit” and then lost his life. Preferring to keep her clientele at a distance from then on, Sue developed a fondness for ranged combat, and found that the loss of one eyed helped her focus the other.

Sharpshooter, Sniper-Rifle, knife

Sister Sledgehammer

The somewhat imposing, or as she likes to put it, Amazonian, figure of Sister Sledgehammer often attracted a certain type of client when she worked under Bloody Mary in their former profession, the type of client who enjoyed receiving pain. This suited Sledgehammer just find, as she quickly grew to enjoy doling it out with gusto. Now she lives for little else and is the first to get up close and personal with any enemy and would follow Bloody Mary to the ends of the Dead Earth.

Assault, Pump Action Shotguns x2, Sledgehammer, Grenade

Sister Penny

Penny was another of Mary’s “girls” and, alone amongst the Sisters, sometimes misses their former life. Penny has a soft spot for men, thinking them simple and pitiful creatures that need looking after, rather like puppies. She also misses the outfits. Combining these two interests, Penny dressed herself as a nurse and armed herself with a first aid kit. Although she may have a tenderness for her victims, Penny is, like Sledge, fiercely loyal to Mary, and shows no such mercy when called to fight for her.

Medic, Scalpel and Machete, Rifle


  1. good things often start from brothels....

  2. I like the sledgehammer!
    Cara Loft came out wrong, however and should be replaced with something else :D

    1. How so buddy? what is it you dislike about Cara?

  3. Sweet concept art. Nice little backstories. The more I see of this the more I like it.

    1. Its a nice setting. The background and the stories are cool.

  4. Nice artwork. It looks as if most of the people in this post-apocalyptic world are young, fit and beautiful though. No gap-toothed hags or hunchbacked monsters? Or even the occasional short, fat or ugly guy/gal :-) ?

    1. I don't see what your point is. To me your looking at those that are the most successful at surviving in this world. They've had to fight to get where they are and so would have the best stuff that they can kill or trade for. Don't forget only 3% of the population survived as everybody was killed by a virus. I imagine even with some things rotting away but there would still be lots of clothing etc to trade for I'd imagine sewing wouldn't be a forgotten skill either.

      Gap toothed Hags aren't really going to be fighting in gangs in my eyes. If I was creating villages with civilians or non combatants that's where I would expect to find those types.

      As for Hunchback monsters there is no mention of mutants yet. Maybe perhaps in Europe where there is radiation affecting things but the UK wasn't bombed they where rumoured to have been killed by a purpose made virus in there blood. Only those of a rare blood type where immune to it.

      Fatboy is he not kind of erm Fat? Pyro doesn't exactly look like he's very tall in fact I'd say he's a short arse! Adam the leader of the family looks like he's in 40's to me.

      Pics of the rest of the gang.

  5. These are looking pretty cool Simon

  6. I like the look of them and think they should translate nicely to minis, which is the point of these things after all. :)