Sunday, 3 July 2011

An Update.....

After my week off from painting due to working oncall. Got my 3 of my Copplestone Bikers nearly finished just got one or two bits to finish off and then some basing todo.

Decided i'm going to try and paint my minis 2-3 at a time as when i'm trying to paint up loads in a batch. I'm getting fed up and lose interest and move onto somthing else :o(

Just one some Copplestone Bad Guys in Suits off ebay so can't wait for them to arrive....


  1. Sounds good mate. Need to keep the interrest, it is supposed to be fun.

  2. Its hard when you have a vision of what you want but it seems to take ages to get there lol

  3. I do a maximum of eight at a time.

  4. I think I need to do a variety rather than more than one of the same. The bikers I really enjoyed doing as they are all different.

    Hopefully once i've picked up some basing material tomorrow I will have my first piccies up yay!