Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Going against what I said i'm doing these ten at the same time. Cloth and flesh done. Need to do weapons, webbing, pouchs etc.

Not sure what colour to do on the five guys goggles in the front row? I thought maybe a light browny yellow or a red/orange combo? Any suggestions?

Also leave some of the parts of the weapons black and just add little bits of metal to show black casings on stocks etc?

I'm looking forward to the Bad Guys in Suits. My plan is to paint these SWAT and finish them first and use the Bad Guys as an incentive to get them done.


  1. Do what I do and "google" images to help with colour schemes:

    Most of the photos show a clear colour, so maybe paint them white and use a thinned out black ink wash over them? That would give them a slight tint.

    Great figures by the way.

  2. I use either light blue or red for googles and black weapons get a drybrush of a fairly dark grey, nice work so far.

  3. Cheers had to lol at 'Googles' I was thinking of painting the barrel/ejection port metal leave the rest black and just highlight the edge a dark grey.

    Reds probably the best bet I think. I don't like yellow its hard to get right

  4. Here's another option for you, Brummie. Paint the glass area of the goggles gloss black or black with a gloss varnish and paint the rims a contrasting colour like dark or mid grey. Silver is a colour I've used on some goggles for the glass areas. There is no right or wrong way, just what you like best.