Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Progress Update with a Piccie

Here we have my Copplestone Future Wars Pack FW5 Bikers.

The three at the rear are finished apart from basing and giving them a layer of varnish.

The front two and my random bid which won me a Foundry Street Violence Figure with an M60 type gun. Skins finished just layering the clothing on. (I think he fits in quite well).

Hoping to have them all painted by the weekend. Can't decide what to do with base there gonna just gave sand added as a texture but not sure on what colour yet.

Ha and I just realised my dog is asleep on sofa in background.


  1. They look great mate!

    Depending on what setting you wish to use them mostly in, you could as I do give them a dark grey base. Maybe some rubble in dark red to represent bricks.

  2. Thats what I was kinda thinking. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Great paintjob, I like those minis. Copplestone has a nice selection of survivors and gangers. Unfortunately they carry strange firearms and it's not easy to swap them with something more real.

    Have you already started to go shopping for some buildings / scenery?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  4. Regards to buildings not yet I don't have a single thing or an area I can layout a game on.

    I have various thoughts

    I'm not that fussed about the realism of what weaponry looks like. As long as it can be identified as an SMG or Shotgun etc.

    I ruled out realistic weapons because I would constantly be buying bits to convert all the while and probably be never be happy lol!

    I kinda think his pistols suck. But I like the fact that most of the figures have, grenades, canteens, holstered pistols, knives etc.

    I have some Foundry SWAT but the jurys out at the moment as to whether I replace them yet. There are some parts of them i don't like.


  5. Copplestone minis have a lot of character. Most of his guns are OK, but I really don't like his machine guns. Foundry has more realistic weapons, but in my opinion they are over the top. Machine guns, multi-grenade-launchers and sniper rifles everwhere...

    I decided against Foundry SWAT minis and purchased a lot of SWATs from The Assault Group instead. If you don't know them, take a look at this example:

  6. Nice painting, grey coloured base works well and as they say let sleeping dogs lie.

  7. wow,thats some nice painting,i wish i was that goog

  8. Thank you for the kind comment.

    Its just taking your time and patience. If there is something I want to paint in a certain way then
    I do some research and look at methods , examples how to guide etc on the internet. then have a go.