Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Across The Dead Earth Mini Campaign.

Having received the next version of the Across the Dead Earth Beta rules last weekend I've been having a read through and seeing what changes that have been made. There are some tweaks here and there as well as some cool additions such as Yobs (inexperienced gang members) and also bigger variety of weapons both guns and combat weapons have been added. A few more skill trees have been added a generic one for use by all adding in dual wield and other cool skills as well as a Heavy class for those who like using heavier weapons such as RPG's and Light machine guns.  

I've decided to have a bash at the campaign rules to try them out and see how some of the missions such as loot work and also how the post game system works. Both the starting gangs I have chosen members, skills and gear are up to a value of 200pts. (my choice)

Without further ado I've created a little bit about the area the gangs will be fighting over as well as some background for the gangs and there members.

The Wyre Protective

A small farming community living in the ville known as The Wyre its a small ville that is hidden amongst the thick and verdant forest land that runs along the riverbanks of the Seven. Mostly living off of the forest they breed and live off herds of Wallabies that they have brought with them from the south lands when they migrated up into the middle lands.

The Protective have a number of warrior bands chosen from the toughest and strongest of the many families that make up the community of the Wyre. The bands often spend weeks at a time away from the ville as they range far and wide hunting down dangerous beast's that threaten the herds and marauding gangs coming out of The Rag Market who wish to scavenge in the pre collapse ruins for loot.

Stour Raider's

Jess is the leader of one the group defending Wyre they simply call themselves the Stour Raiders. Jess though to look at is quite small in stature however she possesses a wiry strength and is very clever and quick thinking . All members Jess hand picks those who join the Stour raiders favouring those who can pick there way across the broken land quietly and efficiently. Equipped with her trusty shotgun and a strange pre war weapon she found whilst scouting a Ville known as the Port Jess ruthlessly defends the Wyre from outsiders.

Dixon is Jess's second in command a tireless tracker and hunter he use's his crossbow to bring down his prey whether it be wild beast's, raiders or Sollus. Often Dixon takes the ears from his kills that he deems worthy keeping them on a thong tied around his neck.

Herb is Dixon's older moodier brother another skilled hunter and forager who taught his little brother everything he knows. When Herb was a yob he was very experimental with the wild plants found in the wilds earning him the nickname Herb. This experimentation has proved invaluable knowing the best plants to make poultices and foul smelling remedies that supposedly fend off the wild beast and insects.

Red Rum is the last surviving member of his family he was one of three brothers the older two Morgan and Captain both being killed by a raiding gang whilst protecting the Wallaby herds. Favouring getting up close and personal he loves nothing more than burying his red hafted axe into his enemies soft flesh earning him the nickname 'Red' for the bloody wounds he inflicts with it.

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From Left to Right Dixon, Jess, Herb and Redrum.

The Razor's

The Razor's are the remnants of a larger biker gang that used roam to roam and raid all over the middle lands. Falling upon hard times after an ambush by State troopers leaving over two thirds of the gang dead or captured. The Razor's flee west in the hope of licking there wounds and increasing there numbers and loot.

Scurve is the leader of the Razor's now. Once the mechanic off the gang he doesn't think twice about using his trusty wrench to bash in skulls when his hand cannon fails to blowing hole big holes in things.

Bran was the gangs fixer a dab hand at patching up the guys when wounded and always seems to have a stash of  his home brewed medical concoctions to  to fix people up when they need it.

Bear is a little crazy when a kid his grandma used to read him stories from a history book she'd found in the ruins of house. It was all about a band of warriors that used to raid and pillage called Vikings ever since then thats all Bear has want to be. Hefting his axe and shield and wearing his horned helmet he loves nothing more than charging his enemies head on and hacking them into pieces.

Raven is one of the newest members of the gang. Found in abandoned building the gang where planning on sleeping the night in. Raven was sneaky enough to steal a knife and a kill a member of the gang who was seeking to have his way with her. Scurve could see what a useful asset to the gang she could be and instead of seeking revenge upon her offered her a place amongst them giving the girl the dead gang members gear. Raven seeing an opportunity to live took it and is now a valued member.

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Left to right Scurve, Bran, Bear and Raven

The kickstarter starts on Saturday 1st March Can't wait!  Three days to go!

 Love this very amusing pic


  1. I love the background stories to both gangs and all of the characters seem well rounded with a nice array of skills and attributes. I look forward to seeing how they get on in a campaign. By the way, I'm rooting for Team Jess!

    1. Thanks Bryan. It will be interesting how the first game goes as the Stour Raiders have no medic :)

  2. I second Bryan's comments. Great way to start a campaign and looking forward to seeing how things pan out for both gangs

  3. Very cool Simon
    This looks like an interesting kick off, can't wait to see their progress.Go Razors.

  4. Great gangs, well put together, when are the rules coming out, it sounds very interesting, does anyone remember a comic strip in the 80s Eagle called Survival, it was set in a post apo Britain

  5. Looks great, really getting into the spirit of the game here! Looking forward to reading more about the campaign.
    shintokamikaze - a Kickstarter for the rules launches Saturday 1st March.

  6. I like what you have done so far. I look forward to more.

  7. Sounds like it gonna be a fun game, watch out for Raven, she's looks trouble!

  8. Let`s get ready to ruuuuuuuuummmmmblllleeeee!!!!

    Good start with a teaser like this mate! Both groups are looking good!

  9. Great background and even better photos mate!
    I'd say go Razors, but I've literally just watched The Shining so I am looking forward some Red Rum hacking!

    Remember, all work no play makes him a dull boy! :D

  10. Two good looking gangs with interesting backgrounds.