Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Game Test Game 2 Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Sunday's game report I posted which the first part can be found here.

Hopefully we'll be able to see some of the figures in the metal soon! Can't wait to see them the greens (greys) looked great!

Theres some new factions put up on the site this week. The background for the characters are a lot fun I'm not 100% sure the are going to make it into the final cut but I can really recommend going to have a read. Click the names to read more.

My Favourite themed gang so far.

Onto the rest of the battle report. The first part had both gangs advancing towards each other taking cover and in turn 3 had started to engage each other.

Turn 4.
Rolling for initiative the Family retain the advantage.
 Skylar pulls the pin out of a nade with her teeth and lobs it in a gentle arc towards the two Red claws getting on target sadly the charge must of been weak as it did nothing but blow hot air and dirt over the two lucky fighters!

 Pyro seeing an opportunity to use his flame thrower runs up and sprays the ruins that Skylar is sheltering in catching her in the burning liquid and knocking her out. (Flamethowers are deadly!)
 Adam moves upto the hedge and levels his shotgun at Shrimp and takes careful aim blowing her onto her back and knocking her out.

 Shayman moves into cover and lets a blast off at Ezra with his shotgun but the ruins absorb all the pellets and the shot misses.

 Ezra returns fire at Shayman but is cheated in turn by the stonework he is sheltering behind.

 Drezyl takes careful aim at Pyro standing out in the open sighting down his guns optics hitting Pyro but the bullet pings off Pyro's helmet and fails to cause any damage.

 Ronnie moves up and fires off a few bursts at Ezra from his smg the shots pattering off the ruins but not achieving anything besides making Ezra duck.

 Reggie moves over to the prone Topper and sticks his size 10's in to no effect and Topper just grunts and remains unconscious.

Turn 5
Drexyl takes a deep breath and aims down his rifle at Pyro blowing him on to his back.

Fatboy charges into combat with Ezra but is unable to gain the upper hand.

Reggie has had enough off stomping on Topper draws his knife and plunges it into his chest. Finally removing him from the fight.

Shayman moves over to Pyro and stabs him with some sort of home-made drug concoction bringing out of unconsciousness. 

Adam moves over to Shrimp fires off a round from his pistol putting her out of her misery.

Pyro moves upto Skylar and putting his boot on her windpipe crushes the life out of her.

Ezra hefts his machete and swings it at Fatboy striking him but failing to cause any lasting wounds. 

Ronnie realising how exposed he is in the open moves into cover and orders Shayman to do the same.
Turn 6.

Turn 5 was by far the bloodiest turn so far with people being knocked out and 2 Red claws and 1 member of the Family being killed and removed from play. Initiative stayed with the Family.

 The scrap between Fatboy and Ezra comes to its conclusion with Ezra slashing Fatboy across the leg taking him down.

 Ronnie uses all his actions to spray large amounts of bullets from his SMG but fails to cause any hits!

 This flank now secure Reggie legs it over towards the sound of fighting on the other side of the farm.

Pyro lets rip at Ezra with flamethrower but Ezra is lucky and only slightly singed!

 Drexyl moves to the opposite side of the chimney draws abead on Pyro again and loose off a burst from his assault rifle knocking him out.

Shayman tries to revive Pyro but is unable to wake him up.

Adam climbs back over the hedge and sprints into the base of the tower following Reggie.

Turn 7 
Iniative stays with the family as they tide is well and truly turned on the Redclaws in turn 6 as they begin to drop like flies!

Ignoring the unconcoius Fatboy Ezra seeing a chance for survival levels his shotgun over the ruins and loose off a blast at Shayman taking him down.

Ronnie sure his smg barrel is bent or something decides to go hit Ezra with it instead. Ezra obviously all keyed up from the life and death struggle gains the upped hand but fails to cause a wound on Ronnie.

Adam moves closer towards the struggle between Ezra and Ronnie.

Shayman tries to use his Physcian Heal thyself skill to get himself back into the fight but remains KO'd
Reggie moves up with Adam to support his comrades.

Drezyl tries a shot at the prone Shayman but misses.

Ronnie concedes the fight at this point as most of his gang are out of action and seeing how outnumbered he has become.

Game After Thoughts

Another great game the event cards didn't play much in this game as the opportunities to play them didn't quite happen at the correct moment but that's the luck of the draw!

The game got quite bloody quite fast. I'm not sure how the killing of people will work in a campaign game as yet. I think its a bit to final.

Later this week I'm going to have a crack of creating a couple of fledgling gangs and we'll get some games going and see what occurs.

I'm looking forward to the next beta release as there are some new toys in there!


  1. Great report as ever mate, full of character and flavour, absolutely the spirit we intended to instill in it. Being "killed" in a battle like this doesn't necessarily mean the character is permanently dead, there's a roll against a Permanent Injury chart after the game, and often they'll live on but with negative modifiers.
    It's worth remembering though that all the bat rep's so far have been Grudge matches, and only 1 in 6 games in a Campaign is likely to be a Grudge match - in a Loot or Occupy game, there's much less motivation to finish off an enemy, you're normally better off getting on the move.

    1. Gonna work out some fledgling gangs later and have a play with the campaign settings.

      I think the term killed seems so final though lol

    2. Yeah, might change that to Out of Action for Campaign games.

  2. Very cool. I shall have to get these rules when they come out.

  3. Great report Simon. Really like to read your bat reps.

    And yes I am also looking forward to more goodies in the beta!

  4. A great report Simon, they do sound a good set of rules. I suppose it'll be difficult playing with the humans in a campaign, after a couple of turns they could all be goners....what to do??

  5. Thanks. Its is a brutal world though as well. But like any type of campaign there will be some losses. AS Rich mentions above if its out the fight or something then an injury table then its more in line with most other campaign type skirmish games.

  6. Replies
    1. Cheers. I might have a go at an objective based mission. Then I might start up some of my own gangs and try a campaign.

  7. Great report and interesting gangs there mate!

    1. Cheers, There just making up the gangs that are in the rulebook from my zombie survivor collection.

  8. Lots of action this time round, Simon. You give a good account of the game and how it plays.

  9. Brutal, yes, for campaign play perhaps a lean towards 'Out for Six' or something else less 'permenant' might be appropriate, thanks again Simon