Sunday, 9 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Game Test Game 2 Part 1

What is this? two games in one week! I know right! better be careful and not over do it lol!

Played my second game again a Grudge match between the two pre chosen gangs in the rules. I hope to have a go at creating my own forces to game with but time was against me this week to get them finished in time for Friday's game

I'll split the report into two mainly because of all the pics and Its my daughters 6th birthday today so have a meal at a pub. Pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel to play! Have a great Sunday and I'll get back to comments tonight!

Rumours around The Rag Market are amongst the traders of a gang hideout near Queenstown now abandoned the hideout is located on an old derelict farm. The gang rumoured to have been captured by a squad of Staties but some say it was a large group of Sollus either way its abandoned and everyone is to scared to go look. Adam of the Family thinks there may be some good loot to be found for those quick enough as greed always overcomes fear. 

Little does Adam know but Ronnie of the Redclaw gang was the one who started the rumour and is using the ruse to rob those curious scavengers...........
Played a grudge match which is a stand up fight. Deployment was in opposite corners. Figures are all the same as the previous game apart from Skylar I swapped her out for a more post apoc themed figure though I left her wargear the same she has a shotgun rather than an smg.

Turn 1.

Queenstown the abandoned hideout on the derelict farm  

 The Family L to R Skylar, Drexyl, Ezra, Reggie and oops behind Reggie is the boss Adam.

The Redclaw Gang L to R Shrimp, Pyro Shayman, Ronnie, Topper and Fatboy. 

 The Family enter the area of the old farm behind an ancient animal shed.

Ronnie and his posse are on the other side of the farm in a ruined building.

Ronnie looked up seeing a flock of crows scatter into the air from the trees the other side of the farm. With a big grin on his face he said to Fatboy get everybody ready someone's got the nerve to come for a look round.

Initiative is won by the Redclaws. (testing out rolling for activation every turn rather than when certain events occur)
Pyro runs into cover near a broken wall.

Drexyl sprints up to the first derelict cottage.

Fatboy moves up the left side of the farm and takes cover behind a pile of logs.
 Reggie moves up and cover the other side of the cottage.

Topper moves up into cover behind Pyro ready to give him some cover with his scattergun.

Skylar move up the right side of  the farm and takes position  next to the hedge.
Ronnie advance in to cover in the ruins and orders Topper to move up next to Pyro.

Adam move up behind Reggie and gives Drexyl a bunk up to the roof top (order).

Shrimp moves to the other side of the ruins to cover Topper and Pyro's backs.

Ezra follows up behind Skylar taking cover behind a dead tree.
Shayman moves up and takes cover behind a tree.

Turn 2 

The Initiative roll go in the Redclaw's favour this turn.

Fatboy creeps to the end of the cottage and take position at the corner.

 Drexyl takes position next to the chimney and spots movement in the ruins sighting down the optics on his rifle he spots Shrimp but she is out of range.
 Pyro moves into the centre of the farm and takes cover behind the large rock.

 Skylar moves across the gap and takes cover in the ruins.

 Topper skirts the ruined wall and ducks through the old door way taking behind the scrap fence panel to the water tower.

 Ezra runs over to the centre of the ruins past Skylar's position and covers her right flank.

 Shayman moves up behind Pyro taking shelter at the corner of the derelict cottage.

 Reggie runs upto the hedgerow and takes position.

 Ronnie moves up behind Fatboy to back him up.

 Adam catch's upto Reggie and crouch's behind the hedge.
Skylar jumps over the wall and moves to the far corner of the old building.
Turn 3The first two turns where pretty uneventful both sides advancing and take up firing position and getting into cover. Rolling for Initiative The Family win and things start to hot up.
 Drexyl sights down his rifle hunting for any movement. (Enters Watch and Wait 'overwatch').

 Pyro's moves from cover to cover and shelters behind the tree having seen movement ahead.

 Ezra pokes his shotgun over the top of the ruin he's sheltering behind ready for any movement(Watch and Wait).
 Fatboy moves up and spotting Skylar loose's a bolt from his crossbow grazing the scouts arm but causing no injury.
 Feeling the bolt narrowly miss her Skylar loose off her shotgun in the direction it came from and catch Fatboy in the chest knocking him out of the fight.

Quick note on injuries when a member of your gang suffers an injury they are knocked out and positioned on there side. They can be healed by a medic, moved to safety by a comrade or can be removed from play permanently by an enemy moving into contact and effectively slitting there throat whilst ko'd. In one off games this isn't so much an issue will be interesting to see how this works in a campaign.

 Topper moves towards the nearby tree. Drexyl catching sight of the movement opens fire and narrowly misses the gang member. Moving behind the tree Topper unleash's all four barrels of his scatter gun at Reggie missing him completely but by Fluke(Event Card) catches Adam behind the hedge but the thick undergrowth rob the pellets of much of the strength and fails to cause any damage (I though Adam was really going to cop it but he rolled double 1 for his save through! 

 Reggie unable to believe what a close shave he's just had swings hit assault rifle up and fires a burst at Topper knocking him out of the fight.
 Shayman runs along the building and over to Fatboy narrowly avoiding a blast of buckshot from Ezra.
 Adam angry at Topper shooting at him runs over to put the boot in but Topper is made of sterner stuff and remains unconcious. (Adam attempts to take Topper out of the game but failed the dice roll lol!).

 Ronnie moves upto the edge of the ruins he orders Shayman to give Fatboy a slap and get him back in the fight. (Heals Fatboy) Ronnie then prepares a grenade and lobs it at Skylar it clips the ruins and bounce's off over to where Pyro's is taking shelter behind the tree. The grenade is a dud however it explodes with a limp fizz and fails to cause any harm.

Shrimp moves back along the edge of the cottage and fires a shot at Adam kicking Topper behind the hedge but his erratic movement spoils her shot and misses.

Look our for more action in Part 2 later this week.


  1. Great AAR thanks for sharing and dont forget to stop by to claim your prize

    1. Cheers Andrew! Awesome I won a prize! Thanks very much!

  2. Great thanks for sharing Simon .

  3. Cracking looking game Simon and I love the scenery.

    1. Thanks Michael, its basic but it does the job.

  4. Another great game report. Every time I read Skylar I read it in a Scouse accent! lol!

    Enjoy your jelly and ice cream!

    1. Thanks MBG! You've got me trying to say it but my voice doesn't quite get it right lol.

      Will do on my second slice of chocolate cake.

  5. Nice batrep, Simon. I'm looking forward to part 2.

    1. Thanks Bryan hopefully be done by Wednesday the latest. Depends on how much free time I get to work on the rest.

  6. Replies
    1. Very much so it has the charm and personal feel Necromunda had even more so when you create your own gangs and give them a bit of background.

  7. Seems to get bloody again eh?

    Lovely write up and good pics mate!

  8. Good report - like the figures but what most intrigued me was the Hobgobling in a couple of pics. good choice.

    1. Thanks mate, Hobgoblin is my favourite beer only had a couple honest! Quite fond of Goliath and Wychcraft as well.

  9. I didn't know you had a picture of me to model Fatboy on! Nice AAR Simon.

    1. Thanks! You look like Daryll Dixon? I'll bet you get all the girls throwing there bra's at you!

  10. Love your enthusiastic AAR, Simon - makes 1:1 gaming very enticing. Best, Dean

  11. Hola
    Que buena mesa tienes para jugar,se e muy bien
    un saludo

  12. Wow a lot going on there man, most enjoyable.

    1. A lot in a good way? Glad your enjoying it though.

  13. Interesting - but what is it about these rules which make them different from anything else that's out there?

    1. For me its the miniatures and the background and the fact its set in the UK.

      Key points are its a lot more tactical IMO in comparison to other skirmish games of its type.

      Cover takes a big part hence all the hidden markers.By moving into cover you receive the benefit of its shelter as it adds modifiers to the hit roll against shooting. If you use an action to hide (meaning you hug the cover rather than be undetected by your enemies) you receive a further bonus when being shot at. However if an enemy moves into a position where the cover no longer protects you from that angle then you loose the bonus as you come into full view.

      The way activation works well adds another tactic to think of as you have to think about your models final position you might me be able to get a clean shot off at one person But the next go will be the enemies and they may have an even easier go at hitting yours.

      The event cards all do different things for example the tripwire even when played interrupts an enemies movement so say they are hopping from cover to cover you play the tripwire card stopping there movement and perhaps leaving them exposed in the open.

      There all sorts of similar cards that can interrupt various actions. But of course your only allowed 3 active in your hand per turn to use and drawing them from a deck adds to the randomness.

      I've tried not to discuss mechanics to much as being in the beta phase and having discussed things with Richard things are prone to change in later revisions.

      I hope that explains it a little bit. If you have any more questions please ask away :o)

  14. such an adventure! The ominous crows scared the coons tail out of me!

  15. Good fun - with all this playing, you're going to start accumulating 28mm terrain now. Good write up too

    1. Cheers Dan, Yeah I need more terrain definitely have seen a great deal on some laser cut mdf ruins which with a little work will be a good start.

  16. Great report and nice looking table.

  17. Great AAR, looking forward to more!

    1. Cheers Ad, Wednesday should see the second part landing!

  18. Great game, looks like a lot of fun

    1. Thanks it is a lot of fun. Nade seem to give me a lot of comedy with my dice rolls usually missing and then scattering.

  19. Great AAR,
    and a second in a week - that's close to what you've played in a year 2 years back if I remember the year overview correctly? :P