Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Foundry SWAT finished

Got my Foundry SWAT finished here is two of there packs SWAT Team Alpha and SWAT Team Takedown. Still need to do the bases on these and all the rest they will be done eventually I Promise

Here we are so enjoy.

Any hints and tips please comment.

SWAT Team Alpha

SWAT Team Takedown

A little sneak peak of something in the works


  1. Nicely done, far better than mine.

  2. Great job - they have come out very nicely.

    Who makes the figure with the cross bow?

  3. @Fran Thank you sir. Yours are excellent however.

    I think I need to highlight the blue. I may come back to those.

    @Shelldrake Thank you and all will be revealed in my next post.

  4. They've turned out very well, Brummie. The highlighting on the leather gear is particularly effective. I little highlight on the blue should finish them off nicely, elevating them them from very good to excellent.

  5. @Vampifan. Thanks Mr. V, Thinking about It I did two layers of the blue and missed out the highlight stage.

    Doh.... thought something was a miss but I put it down to having used GW Foundation paint for the first time lol