Thursday, 28 July 2011

SWAT Finished Take 2

Finished the SWAT off properly last night added in the missing highlight.

Something special arrived in the post too.

SWAT Team Alpha

SWAT Team Takedown

And tada something special from a certain Angry Lurker Competition

My little ode to Predator 2


  1. Glad to see you got it, don't have much faith in the mail lately. Great work.

  2. Yep, that's done the trick! They are now officially excellent! Now get the bases done, you slacker!

  3. Nice SWAT teams, they came out really well. What paints did you use for the blues?
    I read over your list of figures in the works and it will be exciting to see what you come up with in the future. I have a pretty big stack of Foundry Street Violence to work through myself.

    What do you do with your bases to finish them? I'd like to see a final product of a penny to base completion.

    Keep it coming.

  4. @ Fran and mr V Thanks fellas. I need to get some PVA glue next time I goto to a DIY shop thats what i'm waiting for cheeky :0)

    @Adam Thank you the blue is all GW paints and i leave a little of each in the recesses
    1, Chaos Black under coat
    2, Layer of Mordian Blue
    3, Layer of Ultramarine Blue
    4, Ultramarine Blue mixed with a bit of Skull White for the Highlight.

    I'm using a Citadel Fine Detail brush at the moment I think i'm going to try and get a finer one.

    Not totally decided on the bases.

    At the moment its gonna be layer of PVA add sand/debris, recoat in PVA. Codex Grey basecoat then drybrush with a mix of codex/Fortress grey. At least thats the plan in my head.

    They all will need a coat of Matt Varnish as well to seal.

  5. Awesome work on the SWAT team dude, some really nice paint jobs on them :)

    Seeing these is tempting me to do zombie stuff even the studio miniatures website :P

    keep up the good work dude :)

  6. Thanks Maelstrom. Go for it you know you want to

  7. Nicely done, I especially like the first group.. :)
    For the bases, why don't you try with a little green stuff to model some asphalt? It's really easy, do a layer of gs and press a small bit of a "wet" sheet of sand-paper to texturize it... give it a try!! ;)

  8. Thanks Gnotta, the first group have more character the second are more like extras/grunts/bait.

    Thanks for the tip with the sandpaper
    Will give it a try I have some milliput so might have a go when I get time.

  9. Are the HAZMAT suits also Foundry?

  10. Hi MIK. the Hazmats are from Copplestone Castings Future wars Line. They are Pack FW16 Bio-Chem Squad (with 1 extra courtesy of Ebay)

  11. Hi Brummie. Just checking out these pics again, as I am about to paint up the same set. I can't tell from your pics, but does the heavy gunner have a goatee? He clearly does on the Foundry site, but I'm looking at my figure and there's no way he has a goatee. Not a big deal, but I was planning on having it to work with.


  12. Nah i didn't paint a goatee on him. I used ink to make him have stubble shadow.

    Theres not one modelled as such its just painted on