Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Quiet Week on the Hobby Front

Not had much time this week on the hobby front. Been to knackered when I eventually come home from work to pick up a paint brush.

There has been a little progress on the 3 Obelisk Gangstars and they are almost finished.

Watched 'Paul' other night and I found absolutely Hilarious. The bundling agents made me laugh so much.

Anyway it got me thinking about Government Agents etc.

So much so I ended up buying some Copplestone Castings Men in Black and a set of Corporate Babes 2.
At the moment they're undercoated and I've done the bases. Isn't it amazing how much a film can influence you I'm not even sure what I'm going to use them for yet either LOL

I imagine some sort of Corporate Enforcers or double as Mafia types.


  1. Men in Black can serve a multitude of uses. Mafia goons are certainly one. Secret service agents, FBI, CIA and or any other law enforcement agencies, corporate goons, to name but a few. Also, big bonus, they are so easy to paint!

  2. Oh dear, I can sympathise entirely! There just seems to be so many tempting goodies out there that link back to books we've read or films we've seen. I shouldn't worry about, just go with; works for me!

  3. I'll eventually own some Copplestone sets when I finish painting up my Foundry pile. The Men in Black set is pretty cool, and could fit in a multitude of roles. (Even more so if you don't paint them black.)

    I am a bigger fan of Corporate Babes 2. Particularly the further right lady. I had her pegged to be the loving wife of some sort of criminal boss.

    Take your time, but we'll all be eagerly awaiting progress pics!

  4. @Vampifan indeed they well get the second coat of black tonight.

    @michael i tried to resist i really did LOL

    @Adam They are all really nice but what one we me over with this pack is the one with the Samurai sword.

    I imagine her to be some sort of ninja bodyguard type to a leader. I quiet like the SMG one as well she reminds me of 'Parasite' Eve that i played on the Playstation one

  5. We are so easy to lure...

    Hehe looking forward to seeing them painted.

  6. I hear you mate, I've gone as far as too start projects based on movies!! lol....woe is me.