Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yakuza More WIP

Right nearly finished these fellas. I've done what Gnotta/Vampifan suggested with the tattoos and added some flesh tone to the colours and repainted them on.

What do you think?

Any more tips would be greatly appreciated

Two extra photos added


  1. I'd ink the flesh a little more especially the faces and then highlight cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

  2. I see you have the Hasslefree Miniatures 'Baker' in the background... mine is on the painting desk at the moment too.

    Great job on the tatts

  3. It seems you're going in the right direction, but the picture is too much out of focus, may you post another one please? :)

  4. @Fran thanks for the tip, I was trying to show a different a lighter skin tone. Its amazing how photos show up all the stuff you missed.

    @Shelldrake Yes my recent Ebay purchases arrived yesterday I picked Baker up a few Obelisk Miniatures Gangstars up for less than £6.

    @Gnotta Will do tonight if i get chance depends how the light is been struggling as its been quite overcast and cloudy over here for past few days.

  5. I think his face could benefit with a wash of Ogryn Flesh or Gryphonne Sepia. His eyes are missing eyelashes - a thin line of black along the top of his eyes will improve his look no end. His tattoos look a lot better but, as Gnotta said, a more in focus photo would be a help. You're not far off at present.

  6. Awesome work on these guys dude, very characterful models :)

    As for tattoos I've heard people say that adding a thin glaze of the flesh colour over the top helps to blend them into the skin more.

    Though might be worth experimenting on a spare arm or something just incase I'm wrong :)

  7. Cheers Maelstrom. What do you mean by glaze? Do you water down the paint?

  8. no worries dude :)

    And indeed, you would take a small amount of the skin colour and water it down pretty heavily and then apply a few layers of it to the tattoo and it will tone them down and blend them in a bit more.

    I've only recently started experimenting with it so I'm no expert but might be worth experimenting with :)

  9. Some really nice work on this blog Brummie, you even paint the eyes in ! i'm impressed by this fact alone, great stuff.

  10. @Maelstrom Cheers for that will have a play

    @Extraordinarii Thanks, Its all about getting back into the hobby its much easier nowadays with the internet so many tutorials hints and tips to be found.