Monday, 15 August 2011

This Weeks WIP and New Camera woot!

This weeks WIP are 3 Obelisk Miniatures Gangstars I picked up off ebay for 60p each bargain! And Hasslefree Baker. Also got given a camera the weekend so no more mobile phone photos woohoo !


  1. The pics look fantastic with the new camera. A difference of night and day.
    The new figures look cool, and Baker is always a nice mini to see.
    Keep the great pictures coming

  2. very nice indeed Brummie! Is that a light box-thingy you are using? I'll have to have a go at making one of them I think

  3. Its actually two sheets of A4 paper folded in half. I then moved the spotlight in my kitchen so it was pointing at them. then took pic