Tuesday, 2 August 2011

This Weeks WIP

Not had much time this weekend as went on a day trip to Weston Super Mare with the other half and kiddie winks. Had a great time but it was very tiring.

Anyway I've had a bit of an experimental week. Had a go at painting eyes and had a go at painting some tattoos. I've still got plenty to do neaten and finish up.

Please any comments or tips would be great


  1. They're not bad at all, nicely done, what figures are they?

  2. The one on the left is my duplicate Murdock from the Foundry B team pack I bought off ebay.
    (Curse you ebay there was no B.A)

    The other Four are from Dixon Miniatures Yakuza Line. Pack YAK5 The photos on the website don't do them any justice.

    I added a cut down Space marine pistol and knife to the tattooed guy as he is unarmed.

    I'm going to get the rest of the packs at some point as these seem to paint up really nicely

  3. This looks pretty good! I really would not mess the tattooed guy.. he looks like business!!

  4. I like the way you've made the eyes, but, for the next time, I would have added a tiny amount of your flesh tone to the colours you used for the tattoos. It gives the sensation that the colour is "inside the flesh" and not painted above it..
    Nice work... :)

  5. Thanks Gnotta they are still wip so I'll try what you suggest a try.

    I'm trying to duplicate this

  6. Looking good so far. I struggle with eyes myself, they are just so damn tiny. Not much room for error. I hope to be better at it some day. You've done really well.

    I don't have much tips for the tattoos, its not something I've done myself.

  7. Thanks Adam. I basically paint a white patch in the eye area, then add the black dot, then use flesh colour to reshape the eye.

    Its weird out of the five I did two i was happy with first time round the other 3 took 4-5 attempts lol.

    It just takes practice

  8. All looking good to me, Brummie. The eyes have come out very well. The tats are a bit too bright but if you follow Gnotta's advice and you should be okay.

  9. @Lord Siwoc Cheers they really look mean some of the other packs are pretty good i like the kung fu one but not sure if i'll be able to use them.

    @Vampifan Thanks, I am going to repaint the tattoos tonight.

    Might even base them this weekend coming :P

  10. These look great.

    Re the eyes - when I was younger and had better eye slight and a steady hand I used to paint the eyes on figures - I painted the whole eye area black then put the whites in followed by a dot - sometimes using different colours for this.

    Re the Tatts - This is something I have always wanted to do but never had the stones to do it. I would consider using modelling inks instead of paint.

  11. Thanks Shelldrake.

    I undercoat the models black, then paint flesh (mainly because i struggle to see the detail when painted black but i prefer the finish), then add White across the eyes then add dots then try and shape the eye by covering the white with the flesh.

    I keep the paint really thin so it doesn't obscure the detail.